My Chiropractic Superhero

Headaches are horribly annoying. They rob us of being in the moment, they create a distraction to our creativity and isolate us from joy.

When I was in my early 20’s before meeting my superhero husband-to-be, I lived on excedrin. I started my day with 3-4 tablets and carried the bottle with me to take again later. I assumed this condition was something I had to live with and the drugs were the only way to manage the pain.

Until I met Terry. It was shocking to him that 1) I had such frequent headaches, 2) that I hadn’t searched for a solution to the underlying problem, and 3) that I would continually pollute my liver with a constant stream of drugs. But I didn’t know there was another way… a better way.

AFTER ONE ADJUSTMENT, the headaches were GONE. I had been misaligned for so long that I assumed this was normal. It wasn’t normal. After this structural correction, my body was so so happy to be balanced and living well. I no longer needed to take excedrin, and was able to function clearly. I noticed other things too:

My monthly cycle was smoother emotionally and less painful.

My energy level was lifted.

I was no longer constipated.

My metabolism increased and I lost weight.

I was more productive because I was no longer in pain.

My creativity returned.

And I felt truly joyful as I was able to connect fully to my Creator.

It has been so long since I’ve experienced a headache that I began taking it for granted. I maintain a chiropractic care plan to help avoid any setbacks in my health, but yesterday afternoon, I started feeling discomfort over my left eye into my temple. We were headed out to meet our daughters and their families for dinner and I hoped it would just go away, and that I would be fine, but as the evening continued, it got worse and worse until I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes because of the setting sun, and the intense pain.

Enter that same superhero man who offered to carry me to the adjusting table… “Come on, lets get you checked and adjusted.” He palpated my neck and discovered muscle contraction and tension knowing that the vertebrae were locked up. This was the contributing factor to the head pain. He gently and systematically corrected the subluxation and within the hour, I was pain-free, able to sleep soundly waking up fresh and revived and ready to serve God’s Kingdom in the way that I was created.

Headaches are not normal. If you suffer from them, I empathize. When you are ready, we have a structural Living Well solution that will change your life!


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