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Terry and I took a quick trip to Sanibel Island with some family and friends last weekend. As usual, I brought a bag of wet nondescript sand from the beach for my collection from around the world. I always bake it for an hour when I get home to eliminate any parasites or other stowaways that may have traveled with us, and it was no different with this batch. I tucked those saturated gray crumbles into the oven and an hour later removed a beautiful array of tiny shells and sparkling sand. My eyes were instantly drawn to this delicate iridescent piece… mother-of-pearl. I used to collect buckets and buckets of these treasures on the sand bars off the coast of Cape Cod when I was a little girl. I was mesmerized by them, and would add them to my over-flowing jars when the summer was over. I never realized the deep emotional impact they had on my life until relatively recently.

Part of the work that I do at Living Well Spine Center is called The Body Code, and it is a technique used to identify and release trapped emotions. Part of that process sometimes involves a heart-wall. In the holistic sense, a heart-wall refers to the barrier of emotional energy you build up subconsciously to protect yourself from heartache and heartbreak. As you age and are exposed to new hurts and pain, the heart-wall expands as well.

After my first exposure to Body Code work, I became a client to learn more about it and my own trapped emotions. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the time and was experiencing physical challenges like high blood pressure and unexplained pain throughout my body. My heart-wall was identified in the first session, so I was educated about what it was and what to do about it. The practitioner explained that it can be any size and it can be made out of anything. In my own practice, we’ve seen heart walls made out of plastic toy trucks, concrete, sapphires, steel, vinyl record albums, clear glass, and many other unique substances - it can literally be anything that the subconscious connects to. Through muscle testing, the practitioner was able to determine that I had a 3 mile heart wall created from mother-of-pearl. I was shocked as she revealed that information to me. I hadn’t told her my affinity for these beautiful artifacts of the sea, but through the testing process she was able to identify it perfectly and I resonated with it completely. We then went through the process of identifying the actual negative emotions that were holding me back from sending and receiving love in the purest form possible until the heart-wall was dissolved.

Seeing these beautiful fragments of mother-of-pearl this weekend reminded me of how my emotional health has improved and the stress in my life has been minimized because of the elimination of my own heart wall. If you struggle with connecting to people - if you feel as though you are filtering your love through negativity, or have a difficult time receiving someone else’s love, if you have unexplained sadness or depression, if you have physical aches and pains that have been unidentified, then you may have a heart wall too. If you’d like information on how to break down this barrier or are looking for health direction or increased balance in your life, we can help.


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