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When I became pregnant with Lily in 1989, our midwives introduced us to a whole new world of nutrition. We were in Iowa at the time for Terry to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, so I understood the concepts of a well-aligned spine and an optimally functioning nervous system in relationship to true health and well-being, but their knowledge of herbal medicine influenced my view of Creation in a profound way.

To be one of their clients, they had supplementation requirements to help ensure the health of the mom and the baby and to provide the foundation for a successful outcome during their home-birth delivery. It was overwhelming in the beginning, but then I discovered how much I loved learning about all the different plants, herbs and combinations of roots and leaves and flowers. After baby Caitlin went to sleep at night, I spent long hours pouring over herbal medicine books, ancient remedy guides, and homeopathic journals. I was overwhelmed that God provided everything that we needed to help balance our bodies and restore function in things all around us! I looked at dandelions in a whole new way! Thousands and thousands of them pop up every year, and the root is a strong liver detoxifier! We live in a toxic world, yet these dandelions thrive and they can help us thrive too! Brilliant! Red raspberry leaf tea to tone the uterine muscle all during pregnancy to get it ready for it’s ultimate purpose of birthing a baby. Brilliant! Alfalfa to elevate and maintain iron levels for the mom and the baby! Healthy alfalfa roots can grow to a depth of 30 feet, which gives that plant access to rare trace minerals that travel up the plant, and then when it is harvested, we enjoy the benefits of vitamins A,D,E,K, full spectrum of B vitamins, biotin, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron! Brilliant! 

I was amazed by the diversity, I was amazed by His bounty, and I just kept learning. As I read more, I realized how fantastic that this herb, or that plant, or those fruits were and I thought I needed to be taking/eating/drinking anything and everything that was related to what I was thinking or feeling. Whoa, overload! And then Terry graduated and we moved to Ohio where he joined another doctor in practice. And I still wanted to learn more.

Corrective spinal care was, and still is, the foundation of our health care,  and these herbal tinctures and potions support the body’s built-in ability to heal and restore itself once the nervous system is balanced. But it continued to be overwhelming trying to sort through what was required during different health challenges that our young family experienced. Lots of trial and error, lots of money spent on all sorts of products that looked good, sounded good and that were recommended to us.

And then in 1991, just when God knew that I was ready, He introduced me to energy testing…. a way to use the body’s electrical system to reveal what is most highly beneficial… physically, emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally. I was amazed, thrilled, blessed, and grateful to finally have a tool that could pinpoint the very best products for each of us at any given time according to our needs. I began energy testing for everything! Everything! Food, supplements, body care, cosmetics… It saved us money, time, and aggravation, and eliminated soooo many bottles, tubes, jars, and bags of things that were unnecessary.

At that time, I thought the only way to energy test was to check a particular person for what they needed, and have other people check me for what I needed. So for decades we went about testing that way, and it was extremely helpful. I tested people at our office for the supplements that they currently used, or that they needed to add and implement. I loved knowing that people were leaving the office with exactly what they needed, nothing more, nothing less. But what about those times when I’m at the store by myself trying to decide between 4 different items? Or when we were traveling and the girls needed something for their cramps, or a cold... or which food was best for my white dove, Oliver? It was a quandary.

AND THEN 3 years ago, energy testing got even better, and more useful, and more helpful to even MORE people. I learned how to energy test myself for the items that were most important to me…. AND to connect and energy test others as their proxy, in person or remotely from a distance. This is an incredibly powerful tool and a mighty and valuable gift from the Holy Spirit! It’s a way to uncover what our subconscious deems as most highly beneficial for each of us without guessing, or estimating, or assuming. We have been energy testing others this way for several years related to their emotional needs, identifying and releasing the negative emotions that are stuck creating imbalances in their system. We continue to be amazed at the results of that healing work.

Now, we want to help others determine their precise nutritional needs with this same type of proxy testing. There is no need to leave your home or office. Your notes are sent to you directly by email, evaluating the products that you have been using, and including an access code to order any supplements that may be recommended which are then shipped right to your door. Save time, money, and energy by setting up a “Your Nutrition Code” appointment today. Click here to learn more: Or email us at


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