Intelligence Rules

Have you ever noticed that birds have no problem knowing which way is south for the winter? Apple seeds, given the right conditions, always turn into apple trees. And for some reason, the seasons always cycle in predictable order. Winter will surely follow autumn, again.

These are just a few examples of the intelligence that governs the world around us. Whether you think this Intel comes from a big ‘bang’ in the universe millions of years ago, or from a loving creator that knows every hair on your head is not the discussion here. We must all begin to at least observe and acknowledge the presence of a guiding and Innate Intelligence that directs the course of things in and around us if we want lasting insight to the things we’ve been trained to ignore.

Your body possesses this same intelligence. It beats your heart, allows you to see, and digests your food. It began as two cells, one from your mother and one from your father. Under just the right conditions, they got you, a perfect representation of each of them. Had the conditions been less than ideal, the outcome would have been different. Intelligence rules. That intelligence shaped and molded you from two cells to trillions in nine months, helped you make your grand entrance and then what? Vanished? No, it’s still there today carrying out all of the functions necessary to keep you here now. 

Need more evidence? Are you telling your heart to beat? Does a skinned knee stay skinned? Do broken bones stay broken? Does a cold or flu last forever? Healing is governed by the same Innate (inborn) Intelligence that let’s birds make it south, grows a tree and pumps a heart. The interesting thing about your body is that it really needs very little to do what needs done. What it really needs is no interference. The more we interfere with the natural processes that govern life, the worse life gets. (The same rules apply to the planet) 

The intelligence (software) that runs the programs of your life is innately downloaded into the brain and spinal cord (hardware) as those first two cells connect. That software then runs all of the programs of growth and development from that day forward. The scientific community, for all of its advancements and technology, has yet to determine how. Let’s face it. Scientists are really smart. However, they merely discover things. They have yet to create, from scratch, a living cell. (The leading thinkers of the day used to think the earth was flat!) The individual components can be manipulated and rearranged (think cloning) but not created from scratch. The “educated” brain can be a wonderful thing, but it pales in comparison to the Innate Intelligence inside each one of your individual cells! 

So, next time something seems “wrong” with your body, ask yourself, “Is this an expression of my Innate Intelligence?” It may not be a comfortable expression, but it may be perfectly appropriate. Eating a piece of bad chicken may result in a miserable day or two, but it’s the Intel that recognizes the difference between good and bad chicken. Think it through. Learn to trust it and know that anything that interferes with the intelligence is not to your advantage. Overriding or suppressing the intel always comes with a price tag. They’re usually called “side-effects”, and they never address the cause of dis-ease.

As we approach “cold and flu season”, ask yourself who’s smarter, the shot, pill or potion, or the Intel? “How do I enhance my Intel by removing the things that interfere with it?” “Is it possible to put the “educated” brain on the back burner long enough to learn new ways to help myself?” Answers exist, but the quality of the answers will always be dictated by the quality of the questions. Question “educated” but never question the Intel. Your life and health will depend on asking better questions.



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