Do You Take My Insurance?

 Oftentimes one of the first few questions people ask us has something to do with insurance coverage. It usually goes something like, “Do you take ____ insurance?” Or, “I have ____. Do you take that?”

 While the short answer to this question is, “No”, a brief explanation is in order. 

 The arrangement you have with the insurance company is just that, your arrangement. You select the plan that best suits you and your family’s needs. You agree to the terms laid out (Or, your employer does it for you). We have found that these agreements are usually like a casino experience. If you’ve ever been to a casino you’ll understand. No one goes into the experience intending to “donate” their hard earned money. Everyone would like to think they’ll at least “break even” or maybe come out ahead, or even hit a jackpot. Unfortunately, the odds are not designed to allow the majority of players to do any of the above. Some will, but if everyone came out ahead, there would no longer be casinos. Profitability is important in any industry and the “house” must remain profitable.


 Have you noticed that your insurance premiums have increased annually, usually along with your deductible? Even with the mandates that require us to have coverage in the “Affordable Care Act”? The reasons are many and we won’t cover them here, but can we agree that the cost has increased, the service has decreased and the winner is the “house”? To offset losses and increase profits, the industry continues to work in favor of the industry, not those individuals paying into it. We all support it, like it or not, so complaining is not permitted here.

 Another observation is the services covered. Your coverage may be fabulous for services you don’t need. Mandating coverage for pregnancy is great, if you’re a woman of childbearing age, but not if you're the average single male. Covering a hip replacement is wonderful unless you have two perfectly good hips. So while your coverage may be suited to some of your catastrophic needs, if you have no catastrophes, you pay into the system and receive no benefits. In other words, healthy people receive little “healthcare” benefit from health insurance (House wins)! So while having catastrophic coverage is wise, it may have little to do with your actual quality of life. 

 We have elected not to enter into contracts or agreements within the industry. Doing so would drive up our costs, reduce your choices and not allow for optimal results for your health. Our commitment, however, is to you. Our goal is to see that you get as old as possible as well as possible. Our focus is on finding and addressing the cause(s) of your health concerns and teaching you to maintain your most precious gift…your health. 

 Our business philosophy is simple: Provide superior products and services at reasonable fees and serve those that value what we do. We understand not everyone will choose this model of care, and we’re okay with that. But, for those that do, the journey is extraordinary! If you have coverage that helps offset the investment in your life, we’ll provide you with the receipts necessary for reimbursement. Most coverage provides an “out of network benefit” at a slightly lesser rate. That’s us. We will always be “out of that network”.

 Assuming responsibility for your body, mind and spirit is not to be taken lightly. After years of being told, “The doctor will fix it,” and “They (someone else) will pay for it,” many people are waking up to the fact that avoiding illness is much better than fighting illness. Promoting health is easier than recovering it. Research shows that fully 80{b85f92d41f32e11536dd913cce40b22a86049444ce8ae72eb2006c7822b53637} of the diseases that shorten and end lives in our country are lifestyle driven. That’s right, 80{b85f92d41f32e11536dd913cce40b22a86049444ce8ae72eb2006c7822b53637}. From diabetes and arthritis to most forms of cancer, lifestyle choices drive disease. 


 The Latin word for doctor means teacher. Our mission is to teach as many as will learn about the virtues of good health practices. Our teaching will always be centered on caring for the spine and nervous system because it acts as command central for the function of every cell in your body. Nutrition is vital. Movement is vital. Thoughts are vital. We share information on these things regularly. All of these things are processed by the same nervous system.

 Removing interference to that system is what we do. If this sounds like something you should be exploring, join us for one of our evening workshops on spinal care or any of our other topics. See our website or find us on FaceBook for details.



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