Inspiration vs. Motivation

With each new season, we can feel motivated to do different things. For instance as we enter the New Year we are motivated to start eating healthy and working out. When Spring comes around we are often motivated to start a garden, or clean out our closets. The point being, we are all motivated, which by definition is the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. And what is interesting about motivation is that although it does move us to set goals, they seem to be temporary. And then life gets in the way, and before you know it you are right back into your old routine. 

SO...what would happen if we lived by INSPIRATION and not by motivation? 

The word "INSPIRED" by one definition means to breathe life into. Let's think about this for a second....God is the one who breathes life into us, so could this mean the things that inspire us are actually what God has breathed into us? 


Although being motivated and being inspired are very similar, they are very different. When you are truly inspired, it awakens a desire in you, not just to set goals but to live out those goals and aspirations bringing purpose to everyday. 

God created each one of us specifically, inspiring each of us with a unique purpose. One thing that we share though is the body He created for us. It is designed to heal and regulate itself. The nervous system controls and coordinates both. Structural misalignment of the of the spine can compromise the function of the nervous system. Receiving the NUCCA adjustment can apply a structural correction that promotes healing and the return of normal function. 

Having your spine balanced and aligned will allow you to fully live out what inspires you, moving you into a state of truly living well! 


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