If it's killing them, it's killing you!

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Want to know how to recognize your toxin-free neighbors?

These beautiful yellow flowers! The ones that society thinks are a nuisance that punctuate our green lawns with a brilliant burst of sunshine!!

It’s funny, well not funny, but eye-opening about marketing and how big business has swayed our opinion of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable! We see it everywhere, but in this case, our choices can mean life or death.

Here’s the thing: If it’s killing weeds, then its killing you. Glyphosates, the active ingredient in Round-up, shows up on my client’s Zyto reports, 9 times out of 10, usually along with a burdened liver, and other health concerns. It becomes the perfect opportunity to share new information. Unless you are as fortunate as I am - and grew up with a mom, who started an organic lawn care company almost 30 years ago - someone WAY ahead of her time, then most people don’t realize the detrimental effect that these chemicals have on our health and our lives.

“Eh, it can’t be that bad”… well, that’s exactly what Monsanto would like you to believe, and they have the money to influence what you see and what you read.

So how bad is it?? Horrific congenital birth defects or miscarriage, high rates of all cancers, autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, MS, liver disease are all some of the devastating health problems that are reported due to exposure, even in small amounts.

And there’s this too… the chemical companies only have to test for the “active” ingredient, but the ones that are deemed inert, the secret ones, do NOT have to be tested OR identified! These inert ingredients are the ones that bring that poison into the cells of the plants. They are designed to penetrate quickly and effectively to kill those things that it contacts. 100 MILLION pounds of this poison saturate our lawns and our farms each and every year! Breathing this, walking on this, and eating the foods that have been sprayed with this are not only destroying our planet, but it’s compromising our lives, our children’s lives and our pets' lives! So, how can we escape it??

  1. Make the personal choice to STOP using chemicals in your yard and garden, and encourage your neighbors to do the same! Create a toxin-fee zone!
  2. Eat organic, non-GMO foods, including meats and eggs. Remember, if the animal eats poison, then you are consuming second hand poison. Some researchers say the concentration of these chemicals in the meat is worse than being exposed to it on fruits and vegetables! So be picky!!
  3. Keep learning more, and sharing what you learn with those around you! Nurture the earth and nurture a healthy life!
  4. If you know someone that could benefit from this information, invite them to our Living Well Life group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1401991699852489/, or share the blog post with the ones you care about most!

Let’s embrace the dandelion and make this year’s Earth Day the best one ever!!


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