Head Trauma and Fibromyalgia Connection Explained

head trauma, fibromyalgia relief in Fairborn

If you're living with fibromyalgia, you know that the pain and suffering it can bring are not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this condition remains unknown, so some patients seeking fibromyalgia relief in Fairborn refer to their triggers to manage and cope better with their symptoms. 

Some days, the symptoms can feel so bad that you can't do much. These flare-ups can last for a day or two, but for some, the symptoms can linger for weeks. Sadly, some people are completely unaware of this condition and even think it may just be all in the mind.

According to the CDC, this condition affects about 2 percent of adults. Even celebrities, including esteemed actor Morgan Freeman, have opened up about their fibromyalgia diagnosis. In 2018, Morgan Freeman got into a car accident and suffered severe injuries. From then, he experienced ongoing pain and was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. His accident and injuries were vital factors in the development of his fibromyalgia.


The Link Between Head Trauma and Fibromyalgia 

Experts have established links between head trauma and fibromyalgia. Mainly on the connection of your brain and spine. Head trauma can involve severe conditions like traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-concussion syndrome (PCS). However, even minor head injuries like whiplash, sporting injuries, or repetitive poor posture can potentially lead to an onset of fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Head trauma, regardless of severity, can cause misalignment in the upper cervical spine, which can interfere with nerve signals sent to the brain from various body parts. This disruption in nerve signals can lead to increased sensitivity to pain and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, not many patients in need of fibromyalgia relief in Fairborn know much about this. Besides the fact that fibromyalgia is generally difficult to diagnose, it's not top of mind to have your spine alignment checked.

These misalignments resulting from head trauma affect the upper cervical spine and irritate the brainstem, an integral part of your central nervous system that helps process signals from the body to the brain. As a result, misalignments can disrupt communication between the brain and body. This disruption can bring distorted messages to the brain. This can lead to symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, such as chronic pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and more.

head trauma, fibromyalgia relief in Fairborn

Restoring Spine Alignment for Fibromyalgia Relief in Fairborn

Correcting the misalignments in the upper cervical spine and restoring the alignment and balance in the area can bring promising results of fibromyalgia relief in Fairborn. Through gentle and non-invasive chiropractic adjustments, these bones can slowly move back to their correct position. This will relieve the surrounding affected parts from undue pressure and stress and remove the cause of interference between the brain and body. 

If you previously hurt your neck or head during an accident and have a plethora of health concerns that don’t seem to have an obvious trigger, we strongly suggest giving upper cervical care a try. It’s highly likely that your previous injuries, regardless of when they happened and how long you’ve recovered from them, have caused postural misalignments. Connective tissue tears can cause the atlas and axis bones to shift and the rest of the spine and attached muscles and nerves to twist. Unfortunately, this series of events can impact your nervous system function and lead you vulnerable to neurological conditions like fibromyalgia.

Visit Living Well Spine Center so Dr. Terry McCoskey can provide you with a comprehensive consultation on your posture and its effect on your overall wellness. You will need to undergo a thorough examination of your atlas and axis bones to determine how you can restore balance in your spine and help your body cope better with your symptoms. Book your appointment today to learn more about how our team can help you unlock a healthier version of yourself!


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