We all know people in our lives that emit a charge of energy… a burst of positivity. They are attractive to be around, light up the world wherever they go, and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. Have you ever wondered why? And did you ever wonder if you created the same impact?

The answer revolves around your personal vibration. Positive people resonate at a higher frequency elevating the world around them, and we can feel that and it’s powerful. Our vibrational frequency is measurable. It will fluctuate depending on our circumstances, but the goal is to maintain as high a level as possible - 852 Hz being optimum.

People that have an elevated frequency have learned to balance and harmonize with the universe creating a resonating cycle, the more they give, the more they receive, and then the more they give again… of themselves, their resources, and their energy. They epitomize peacefulness, joyfulness, and love regardless of their external circumstances. They have learned to release the emotional barriers to a living well life, and have learned to stay grounded in God’s truths.

This is a simple guide to empower you to make the changes necessary to increase your own bio-energetic field and vibrational levels:

1. Be connected to God without ceasing.
2. Be generous with your gifts and resources.
3. Make gratitude your life motto.
4. Fill your space with refreshing and uplifting sounds.
5. Train your resting face to smile.
6. Identify and release your emotional burdens.
7. Spend time in nature.
8. Capture and guard your thoughts and your words against complaints.
9. Refrain from destructive habits and behaviors.
10. Eat organic, live food to feed your body and soul.
11. Ensure that your nervous system is functioning optimally.
12. Live purposefully no matter what stage of life you are in.

The people that live in a state of positivity and high-vibrational frequency are more productive and more creative. They are healthier and stronger, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They make choices that are in alignment with a benevolent lifestyle. They find goodness all around them, and that goodness leads to more goodness. It’s a beautiful rhythm of God’s providence in your lives, and when you elevate your frequency, you magnify your attractiveness to those that need what you have to offer… simply, the best you.

There are certainly other factors to consider, but this elemental list will energize and inspire your foundation. If you’d like more information about your personal vibration and how to achieve an optimal state of being, to be more impactful and more purposeful, let us know. We can help.


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