Chiropractic Care And Your Immune System...

Chiropractic adjustments help regulate the Autonomic Nervous System. Your Nervous System (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls everything in your body. It communicates with the endocrine and immune tissues that helps keep you healthy. It can also lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and reduce pain. Your Immune System is the only thing that prevents you from being overcome by infection and a host of other chronic illnesses.

Supporting and enhancing your Nervous and Immune systems - not manipulating it with prescription drugs is extremely important.

Here are a few tips on leading a Healthy Lifestyle year round...

*Have Your Spine Checked Regularly. Being adjusted regularly balances out your Nervous System and aides in your body's natural immune response.

*Eating Right. Eating right by obtaining adequate nutrients from your diet without over-toxifying. There is a good quote to remember: "Let thy medicine be thy food, and thy food be thy medicine." -HIPPOCRATES

*Exercise. Although it can be tough to acquire in the sometimes hectic schedules that life can bring, 15-20 minutes a day of physical activity is necessary.

*Get Adequate Sleep. The average American gets up to 365 hours of too little sleep per year. Sleeping for 6-8 hours each night is a good goal.

Be as healthy as you can be this season by doing all you can to enhance your body's natural defenses!



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At our upper cervical chiropractic practice, we can help you restore balance in your neck with careful and well-calculated adjustments. Backed by our extensive experience and commitment to helping patients, we can quickly provide you with the best care you need.

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