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The demand for local is here. Business owners and consumers alike (at least the smart ones) are dealing as much as possible with local, non-corporate stores.

I read a sign a few weeks ago outside of a store that simply read, “Friends don’t let friends shop chain stores.” Well said amigo, I like your style.

Here at Living Well Spine Center, we do our best to serve our neighbors in the Dayton area by providing the best healthcare we know to be available. The same healthcare we treat our own families with.

We also feel strongly about buying local particularly that of locally produced goods that are considered necessities, such as food, clothing, soap etc.

Rather than going into great detail about the financial and communal ramifications of spending your money in a corporate setting or with an online giant, I will simply place a link here for your reading pleasure.

Below is a small list of some of the local resources we utilize along with links to their websites and contact information.

We strongly urge you to ask them about their products and find out for yourself why it is so important to support these types of businesses.

  1. Fulton Farms in Troy, OH has excellent produce for sale in their market and also have an expansive delivery reach with their weekly organic “happy box”. (937) 339-6983)
  2. Full of Graze Farm in Xenia, OH raises animals the right way. No crowded feedlots. No GMO’s. Grassfed beef, pastured pork, non-GMO chickens, turkeys, and true free range eggs. (937) 352-6100
  3. Patchwork Gardens community supported agriculture (CSA) is an amazing place for Daytonians (I think that’s a word) to get their produce. They deliver to specific pick-up points and grow their food with the utmost care! No organic label from this crew means you aren’t paying for the label. They go above and beyond organic. Dayton, OH (937) 835-5807
  4. Quiet Creek Bison Farm. My boys and I visited this place last week. A very nice family and their bison burgers are fantastic. Located near Springfield, OH. (937) 964-9879)
  5. Burns Furniture in Medway, OH is the place where I grew up and learned how to do business. My grandpa, Jim and my uncle Bob treat people with great respect and offer the highest quality furniture available for a fraction of the cost as their competitors (really). Grandpa only sells furniture made in the U.S.A. and most of it comes directly from Ohio. (937) 849-1754
  6. Hartman Heimstytte Farm. I have not visited this farm, though I have spoken with a few of the family members. Homemade soaps and raw goats milk is a huge upside for them where you can join in a herdshare. They are located in Brookville, OH. (937) 884-9451 Find them on Facebook at Hartman Heimstytte.
  7. Homestead Raw Milk Herdshares in New Carlisle, OH is a family owned and operated business. John and Cathy Baumgardner are awesome people and as honest as the day is long. They treat their cattle with the utmost respect. Grassfed longhorn and a raw jersey dairy herdshares are available. (937) 845-9394) You can also find them on Facebook.  
  8. Mirabella Boutique is infinitely better than any major department store (according to my wife). Barbi Dewitt is always pleasant and helpful! She carries plenty of trendy clothing, both casual and dressy, as well as shoes and accessories (again, this is according to my wife, who married me, so obviously has exquisite taste!) Located in downtown Fairborn, OH. (937) 312-4059
  9. J&L Butcher Shop in Medway, OH is a throwback to the old way. They have an actual smokehouse for their meat and they don’t do what is typically done by injecting the meat with a liquid smoke flavor. They process all kinds of meat and are currently in the process of being set-up for retail. This will quickly become one of my favorites. (937) 475-4584.
  10. ReU Juice bar specializes in 3 day juice cleanses! Organic juices delivered right to your door steps that taste amazing. I can personally vouch for these and Amber Sowers is an awesome lady. She also sells Vitamixes (which are fantastic for making your own at home).
  11. Once a month meals. This a local blogger who took her game to a whole new level! She makes recipes for freezer meals no matter what kind of specialty diet you may be on, including paleo, vegan, vegetarian, traditional, etc!

There are many many others. If you have any suggestions, please add them to the comment section with their contact info so we (along with the other readers) can check them out!




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