Your First Appointment


  • Complete a brief questionnaire to help us get to know you. The doctor will use this information to make recommendations for your care. You can also download, print, and fill out this questionnaire now and bring it with you if you prefer. Click the links below to view the forms.

    Adult New Patient Information
    Child New Patient Information


  • Enjoy a short video introduction to chiropractic care while we enter your data into our computer system and prepare for your consultation.


  • You’ll meet the doctor who will review your health history and determine if yours is a chiropractic case. You will be advised of the cost of any office procedures and given a copy of our written financial policies.


  • Standard physical, orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic tests will be performed to determine the cause(s) of your problem.

X-ray Exam

  • Necessary views will be taken to visualize the location of any spinal problems, reveal any pathologies, and make your chiropractic care more precise.


  • Before proper care can be rendered the doctor will study your examination findings. Later, you’ll see your x-rays, review the doctor’s findings and get specific care for your next visit.

Here at Living Well Spine Center we use State-Of-The-Art Technology!

Surface Electromyography (SEMG) is another method our office utilizes to detect areas of disturbance to the nervous system. This painless diagnostic tool also provides a way to monitor progress and determine when maximum results have been achieved.

Precise x-rays and accurate measurement allows us to determine the most effective way to correct spinal misalignment. The X-rays taken of the head and neck at our office are specialized and cannot be duplicated even in a hospital setting.

Balancing the head on the neck and correcting misaligned cervical vertebrae requires only a controlled light touch when measurements are accurate. No forceful twisting or popping is necessary. Bones should never be forced into place. Like the combination for a lock, the adjustment for each patient is unique. It is doubtful that any two are exactly alike.

Next Visit

Next Visit

  • Your first visit is complete. Plan to spend about 60 minutes on your next visit to receive the doctor’s report of findings and chiropractic adjustment. We will then do another SEMG Scan and set of X-rays post your first NUCCA adjustment.

New Patient Orientation

  • The more you know about your condition, the faster you will respond. This 45 minute workshop is designed to maximize your results. Please schedule for this special appointment.

As your chiropractic team, we intend to give you the best possible care and support for your optimal health. Your contribution and dedication to your care is paramount to achieve the desired results. The more energy you put into your health, the greater the outcome. Following these guidelines will allow you to receive the best care, in the least amount of time, and in the most cost effective way.


  • Prompt. Keep your appointments; set days and times that work best with your schedule.
  • Positive. Having a positive mental attitude can accelerate the healing process.
  • Patient. Healing IS a process, sometimes the best way is not the fastest way.


  • Consult us concerning any other home or health care you plan to use during your spinal care. Some drugs and therapies can compromise your results.
  • Take the steps to reduce stress in your life; stress us the main cause of subluxation.
  • Feel Free to share our information with others. Your friends and family are always welcome to participate in your care and we are always happy to make room for them in our schedule should they need care.


  • Hope. You are in the best place you can be in to give yourself the health you deserve.
  • Fun. Smile, laugh, and spend time with the people you love.
  • Faith. In the God-given intelligence of your body; it is designed to heal itself.


In order for you to receive the greatest benefit from the chiropractic adjustments there are a few suggestions that you should follow:

1. Follow the schedule of appointments that we have set up for you. There is no substitute for carefully timed chiropractic adjustments.

2. Avoid physical and mental stress before and after each adjustment. the more relaxed you are the better your adjustment will hold. Have children avoid wrestling, gymnastics, rough housing, sports, running, swimming, and bicycling.

3. Follow faithfully all “home care” instructions for your condition. These may include such things as hot or cold packs, exercise, lifting instructions, etc.

4. Sleep on your back or on your side, never on your stomach. Ideally, you should have your neck supported while you sleep so your head is in a neutral position. To lessen the stress on your lower back, place a pillow under your knees (while on your back) or between your knees (while on your side).

5. Sit straight while in a chair, making sure that your lower back is supported. Do not cross your legs except at your ankles. Have children sit straight in a while while playing video games, at school, watching T.V., on the bus or riding in a car and when at the computer.

6. Lift properly. Bend at the knees while keeping your back straight.

7. If any body motion causes discomfort, avoid it.

8. Please do not try to be your own doctor! Self-administered remedies may do more harm than good.

9. Do your best to maintain a cheerful attitude. Avoid, if you can, stressful situations. Set aside at least one time each day for complete physical and mental relaxation. This is a good lifetime habit for the restoration and maintenance of normal health.

10. Get enough sleep so your body has the best chance for proper healing.

11. Don’t be in a hurry. Ligaments and muscles must have time to retrain themselves too support the realigned vertebrae. This is a natural process that can’t be rushed.

12. Please feel free to ask any questions that you have about your health or wellness. We are here to help you understand the best way to take care of your spinal condition.

13. If there is a change in your condition, for better or worse, please tell us.

14. During the healing process, proper nutrition is more important than ever. The use of caffeine, nicotine or alcohol should be avoided just prior to an office visit. These substances can alter nerve and muscle activity.

15. Read all information given to you. This information is meant to help you progress faster in your care and to learn how to take care of your spinal condition more effectively.

16. Tell Others! There are many people with the same problem that you came here to correct. Our mission is to make this a better world for everyone!