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"As a national business and life coach, I understand the importance of congruency between mind, body and soul and how that affects our personal and professional lives. 

After spending almost two months in horrific pain with trips to the ER , injections and pain medicine with no relief I was led to Living Well Spine Center. I was not familiar with NUCCA adjustments, but after my initial consultation with Dr. McCoskey and his highly professional and trained staff, I was all in. 

After three adjustments, the low back and sciatic pain were gone. 

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago, and suffered from recent headaches, flu-like symptoms, chronic back and neck pain, fatigue and depression. 

Today 95% of my symptoms are gone, and I no longer take any prescription or OTC medications to mask my pain. 

Don’t settle for less than your maximum potential! Living Well Spine Center is one way to help put you on a path to living your best life!"

Denise Dixon Davis

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"For years I was experiencing chronic pain in my back and shoulders. I had been under doctor’s care for almost 12 years and after not getting any relief from the pain, I started to accept my health and discomfort as something I would have to learn to live with.  

After hearing about Dr. McCoskey from many personal references I decided to try Living Well Spine Center. Within a few adjustments I started noticing an increased energy level.  As my pain decreased, I started to feel more in balance.  

What has impressed me most about Living Well Spine Center is their use of state of the art technologies that measure the data that drive treatment strategies and expose health issues with determined alternatives.

Also, the efficiency and positive support is constant and very much appreciated. "

Dr. Jeff Lewis


"I have a very painful condition called Cervical Dystonia also known as Spasmodic Torticollis. This causes my neck muscles to involuntary contract, twist and turn to one side.

After spending 6 years in severe pain and being very discouraged I found Living Well Spine Center. Within 2 adjustments, I noticed my range of motion was better and the pain began to lessen.

Today I can say with relief that the symptoms from my condition have improved over 75%!

I believe that many people can benefit from the NUCCA treatments and I share my experience as often as I can. I am now living each day almost pain free and for the first time in years, I am hopeful and optimistic about my future!" 

Eric Simpson


"For 10 years of my life, previous to coming to Living Well Spine Center, I was medicated for depression and anxiety. 

I was overtaken by high blood pressure, numbness in my arms and face, struggles with vertigo, difficulty in keeping my balance, trouble with short term memory and constant fatigue. I was also diagnosed with a mild case of multiple sclerosis. I heard about Living Well Spine Center and decided to check it out. 

I noticed right away that the NUCCA adjustment was simple, painless and very quick. I started looking forward to each one of my visits to Living Well Spine Center as the adjustments and the staff are a blessing in my life! 

Until I was introduced to the NUCCA process, I would have never believed I could be prescription drug free and feel so good! The staff at Living Well Spine Center is like no other, and they become a part of your family after the first visit!"

Tanya Sehen 


Lots of God's miracles to add here! Please stay tuned! 

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