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No two people on this planet are the exact same. We all have something called biochemical individuality. The basic parts and pieces are the same for everyone, however, the way our bodies respond to chemicals, foods, supplements, medications, toxins and even water can very greatly from person to person.

For example, some people can eat peanuts all day while others could potentially die if they consumed them. 

Another issue is that our needs today might not be the needs of tomorrow. So how do we know what supplements to take, when to take them and in what quantity? Is the brand you're using the right one for you? Do I really need 1000mg of vitamin C? If only there were a fast and simple way to determine our needs?!

Muscle testing is the answer to this dilemma! It is a very simple process that anyone can perform but it does take practice. Like with anything in this world, the more you practice, the better you become at testing yourself. Eventually you'll be confident enough to test your own friends and family members.

We're going to be teaching others how to utilize this method February 22nd at 7pm here at LWSC! We ask that you please call to reserve a seat. 937.878.1071