Educate and celebrate! Here's another amazing "did you know"...

75% of estrogen for women and 50% of adults testosterone for the body is made where?
Not in the ovaries and testes?....NO
Not in the liver or brain?....NOPE
Then where?

The skin! Oh, and nearly 100% of post-menopausal estrogen is made in the skin. The skin IS an endocrine (hormonal) organ. Not a gland like the liver or pancreas, but a full-on endocrine organ, and the biggest one we have. The skin makes hormones for the body including IGF-1, Thyroid, Human Growth Hormone, and many neurotransmitters, but it also has its own feedback loop that controls our hormone function.

What you put on your skin goes through this hormone factory and feedback loop. 60-95% of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. And the absorption rate on the face and scalp is 5-10 times higher! Cosmetics today have no regulations and most contain these hormone and endocrine disruptors that are covertly sabotaging your health and well-being. We see it all the time in girls starting their periods younger and younger, and women becoming prematurely menopausal! 

Overwhelmed by that information and need to know where to start?? I'll be posting a good, better, best "getting started" guide soon, so you can have A Living Well Life!