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The Many Uses of Coconut Oil!


The Many Uses of Coconut Oil!

Many of us have heard good things about Coconut Oil! It's time we take that tub out of our pantries and put it to good use! Research on Coconut Oil has revealed health benefits, that affect your entire body, inside and out!!


Smoothies: Add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil into your favorite smoothie recipe and increase your energy!

Popcorn Topping: Instead of butter, melt a little coconut oil and pour it over your popped popcorn. Then sprinkle lightly with Himalayan crystal salt.

A Spoonful in Hot Tea: Allow a tsp. of coconut oil to melt and mildly flavor your next cup of hot tea. 


Facial Scrub: combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night.

Tanning Oil/ Moisturizer: Coconut oil is a great tanning oil and also a great moisturizer to use after you've gotten a bit too much sun.

Shaving Lotion: Great for a close shave!


Metabolism Booster: 2 tbsp. per day are proven to rev up your metabolism!

Thyroid Supporter: Regular coconut oil consumption has been shown to support healthy thyroid function.