Ooooo, how I love finding new and exciting ingredients that are packed with robust nutritional goodness! This Black Garlic was at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago, and I was fascinated by it! I purchased it and then it sat waiting for it’s recipe debut! Today was that day! 

Black garlic is a product of a fermentation process that lasts for 30 days with an additional  45 days of oxidation. This process causes the black pigmentation to develop along with a mellow flavor and soft texture, and it is well worth it! I used it tonight to replace raw minced garlic in a tossed caprese salad with basil, tomato and romaine lettuce along with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. It was DELICIOUS! 

There are some anecdotal uses for black garlic that include boosting the immune function, and studies like this one have shown that it reduces inflammation in the liver specifically. 

Many of Black Garlic’s benefits come from over 100 active compounds found within this superfood vegetable. One of the major components is the highly touted S-allyl cysteine which is being tested and evaluated for use as a potential cholesterol lowering agent and as a chemo-preventive. 

Another study demonstrated it’s incredible anti-oxidant properties as well as certain tumor-reducing agents. The abstract revealed that black garlic provided 25% more potency than white garlic and was instrumental in helping to prevent Alzheimers Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and similar inflammatory diseases. You can find that study here.

For those looking to lower their cholesterol naturally, take a look at this 2014 study from Korea. It demonstrated a marked increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a significant reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol). And because of the decrease in the Apolipoprotein B blood lipid markers, the study proved that it was beneficial for the cardiovascular system with no adverse effects!

Fermentation of the garlic provides more stability and 100% bioavailability which means that it will be assimilated effectively with instant nutrient absorption. For best results, black garlic should be consumed as a food item rather than a supplement, and the garlic cloves can be swallowed whole as you would a capsule rather than chewed if desired. Bonus: no bitter aftertaste, upset stomach, or bad breath!

I am always amazed at the complexity and the diversity of the healing foods that were created FOR us and are available TO us! I know that I will begin cooking with this potent superfood as often as I can find it, and may invest in my very own Black Garlic Fermenting device like this one , so that we can use it consistently for flavorful foods and healthier bodies! 

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