I just discovered these little fellas growing in one of our recently dead summer flower pots! They're actually hearty after last night's frost. The fascinating thing is, we don't have a vegetable garden. Never have. (I'm not proud of that, but it's true)

Apparently, and I'm no agronomist, but the seeds for these peppers found their way into conditions that foster the growth and proliferation of peppers from seed to fruit. Maybe someone tossed them in from their plate after a summer meal on the deck. Perhaps birds "dropped " them in while flying the friendly skies. I have no idea! It's a miracle!

It's also a wonderful reminder of how nature works. Seed, soil, sunshine and rain. Very specific conditions for this outcome. If seeds had fallen on the deck a few inches away...no peppers. Too much or too little rain...no peppers. Soil too acidic/sandy/alkaline...no peppers. No sunshine...no peppers. 

All this to say...germs are just like seeds. They need very specific conditions to thrive. Don't provide the conditions and... no cough/cold/fever/flu. Even though someone in the same house might be 'sick'. If the germ theory were accurate, it wouldn't be called a theory. Know that the same intelligence that created seeds and germs created you. Know, too, that your body is geared to thrive if you provide it the right conditions. 

Just do that.