Do you know the power of your thoughts? Do you realize the impact of your words? I am learning more and more everyday how powerful my thoughts are. Ultimately I know that God holds my life in His hand, but I also know that the impact my thoughts have on my reality is up to me. 

God has designed each one of us specifically, with our own inner guide. He has placed in us an innate intelligence that directs us on our own healing journey.  And guess what? This all starts with our nervous system- it is the very foundation for our functioning, healing and maintaining complete homeostasis. 

When your nervous system is balanced and your spine is aligned there can be clear communication from your body to your brain. This gives us the clarity to acknowledge the amazing body that God has gifted us with, but also inspires us to do all we can to function at our best! 

Learning how to take every thought captive, and taking control of our thoughts will allow us to freely live life without being held back by our own insecurity, doubt and fear. And in this freedom we can find the open door to living our "Why"!

Living on purpose, for a purpose with unlimited possibilities. 

Be aware of your thoughts, choosing them carefully before they become words, knowing that you have been equipped with a body ready to help you create your reality. 

You are unique! 

You are awesome! 

You are created for a specific purpose!

Taking control of your thoughts, keeping clear communication within you through a balanced nervous system allows you to embrace the freedom of living your best life! 

This is your life, take charge of it!