It's the Best Medicine!


Thoughts create reality and focus changes physiology. Here’s an example… stop right now and think about something in your past that was incredible. The birth of a child, marrying the love of your life, the first time you saw the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon or the transparent colors of the Caribbean Sea... anything you remember as magical and transformative… how does that make you feel?


Emotions of joy, happiness, and elation actually begin to energize you and change your body chemistry in ways proven to boost your immune system and relieve stress on your heart! Staying in that place of peace is possible even under the most stressful circumstances! 

As an overwhelmed momma of three young daughters, I unintentionally discovered the therapeutic benefits of laughter therapy in a most delightful way! We enjoyed visiting Barnes & Noble with the girls. They loved it and we loved it. It was free entertainment and we enjoyed exploring and selecting books for each of us. On one excursion, we found a book that seemed age appropriate for the girls, and we plopped down in B&N's comfy kid’s reading area to see what it was all about. It was called "Junie B Jones & the Stupid Smelly Bus". The girls weren't allowed to use the word "stupid" so they immediately began giggling! 😊 I started the first chapter with them, and seriously laughed out loud in the middle of the store with tears rolling down my face! The girls were laughing too. They may have been laughing at me more than at Junie B. We purchased that book and I stalked Barnes and Noble for new releases since 1992 until my collection of this Barbara Park's bestselling series was complete!

Reading these books was very healing for me, and for our young family, but laughter is everywhere that you look… if you're looking! Stop at a local park and watch the children playing - laughter bubbles over in those young, innocent beings, in fact they laugh more than 400 times per day compared to adults who barely average a measly 15 times per day! Watch a funny movie or silly sitcom (mute the commercials). Encourage your animals to do crazy pet tricks! Look at photos of people laughing - like the attached photo of my gorgeous girls before Grace and Graham's wedding! :) Join a Laughter Club - yup, it’s a thing! Just train your brain to laugh easily and laugh a lot. 

Apparently the adage, "Laughter is the best medicine" has research to back up the claim. According to some studies, a healthy dose of laughter has resulted in physical benefits, such as:
* Enhanced oxygen intake resulting in better organ function, lung capacity and cardiovascular efficiency
* Elevated physical and emotional relaxation
* Release of endorphins - the body’s happy hormones
* Relief of indigestion and stomach discomfort
* Elimination of pain
* Balanced blood pressure and heart rate
* Brighter, more radiant skin
* Improved mental function, such as alertness, memory, creativity
* Strengthen social bonds and relationships

In a slumpy slump, or feeling overwhelmed?? Count backwards from 10-1, and then LAUGH out loud! We were born with the gift of laughter. It’s an innate therapy. It lifts our spirits and fills us with joy. It’s contagious and unites people. It can help us feel more alive and empowered. It may feel ridiculous at first, but the more you laugh, the easier it will be! Say a prayer of thanks for rebooting your attitude, and allow this pattern interrupt to dramatically increase your vitality, passion and positivity!



Toxicity is death... dramatic but true

Who cares about endocrine disruptors anyways?!?! Why does it matter?????? And what does it even mean????

Ultra simple. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that create toxicity.

Toxicity is imbalance.
Toxicity is pain.
Toxicity is stress.
Toxicity is death. (Dramatic… but true.)

Our endocrine system is made up of our bodies’ glands, each integral to life function. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

The hypothalamus gland is the control center for the entire endocrine system constantly monitoring hormone production and utilization from the other glands.

The pituitary gland is responsible for growth, skin pigmentation, absorption of water into the blood, and for stimulating and balancing the other glands, particularly important to thyroid balance.

The thyroid manages growth and development, protein synthesis, and is responsible for mood stabilization, and metabolic function such as body weight, breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and the central nervous system.

The adrenal glands manage cortisol and epinephrine production - the stress hormones. 

The ovaries produce estrogen, and balance testosterone, and progesterone.

The parathyroid glands balance calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones.

The pineal gland produces melatonin - a sleep hormone.

The pancreas regulates blood sugar, and insulin production. 

This intricate and well-designed system of glands operates in a delicate balance of hormone production, release and removal. These hormones trigger signals for proper major organ function such as cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and nervous systems. The proper function of these organs is vital for life. 

So why do we care about these chemicals abundant in our drawers, behind our doors and in our cabinets?? Because endocrine disruptors block, distort and destroy the production of the hormones that are essential for these signals to be appropriately sent and received throughout the body. If you think that the things we put on our body won’t have an effect on our internal organs, consider a birth control patch - a widely-used and well-known endocrine disruptor. These chemicals enter the bloodstream swiftly within 30 seconds, and immediately affect not only the targeted system but everywhere that blood flows throughout the body. The liver - your blood filter - goes on high alert to begin the removal of the excess hormones so that other areas of the body do not become imbalanced. The same holds true for anything we put on topically that contains the endocrine-disrupting parabens, phthalates, BPA, glycol ethers, and phyto-estrogens found in… body lotion, body spray, shampoo and conditioner, make-up, nail polish, deodorant, sunblock, perfume… they all matter, and they all have an impact on your health.

The symptoms of toxicity are exhaustive, but include migraines, weight gain, challenges with menstrual cycle - too early, too late, pre-menopausal, early puberty in girls, high estrogen in baby boys, erectile dysfunction, depression, faulty memory, skin conditions like acne, rashes, and eczema, blood sugar disorders, fatigue, compromised immune function and even cancer. 

The good news is that our bodies want to do the right thing under the right circumstances. We have control over our choices. Less toxicity from our environment… the things we eat, breathe, and apply… the better our body can manage it’s ever-increasing burden. We can consume healthy, organic foods, purify our air, drink purified water, and avoid the use of lawn chemicals and pesticides in our homes and gardens, but if we continue to apply toxic products to our skin, we continue to create a series of system malfunctions. 

Want to do an experiment? List 5 health challenges that you and your family are experiencing right now, and then for 3 weeks, maintain a pristine life-style with whole foods, including beets and radishes daily, “green” cleaning products, and toxin-free bath, body, and beauty care. Then compare the changes physically, emotionally and spiritually! Take back control and prepare to be amazed as you begin your Living Well life!

For more information on blacklisted ingredients and how to identify them in your beauty routine, follow this link to toxin-free freedom:



Therapeutic Beauty!

Echinacea Purpurea

Echinacea Purpurea

I was checking on our cherry tree today to determine if it was time for Hawk and Noble to help me harvest the ripe fruit. As I walked around, every plant that I observed had been identified, and possibly planted, by my wise and beautiful mom! I love seeing all the unique plants and flowers that come to life each year, and as I examine their petals and leaves, color and fragrance, I can hear her voice whispering information about each one. I am so blessed that she continues to share her wisdom about organic and toxin-free gardening and lawn care with us. She’s been professing the importance of chemical-free living for more than 30 years and I am thankful that she has created such a sturdy foundation of health in our family.

This happy flower with the radiating magenta petals is called Purple Coneflower, which is also known as Echinacea. Native Americans originally discovered Echinacea's medicinal uses when they found that it successfully healed wounds, infections and other physical ailments. It delivers a huge boost of immune support for your entire system stimulating the production of T-cells to fend off pathogenic invaders. I have noticed that by taking Standard Process Echinacea Premium within the first 4 hours of those little pre-sickness signals, feeling “off”, slightly scratchy throat, fatigue, or body aches, that I can usually avoid the illness altogether. It’s something that I keep on hand at all times - liquid and tablet - And you'll find it in my travel bags too! #therapeuticbeauty #thingswevehandeddown #alivingwelllife



Go to sleep!


Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the quality of sleep that you get and your ability to lose weight? Metabolism does not function properly without adequate sleep and the hormones that regulate appetite, ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and leptin, the satiety hormone, can become imbalanced. One study showed that people who were only permitted to get two-thirds their normal amount of nightly sleep, ate more than 500 calories each day compared with those in the study who were able to get a full night’s sleep. Not everyone needs or should get the widely-accepted 8 hours. The amount of sleep for individuals will vary from weekdays to weekends, it will fluctuate with their cycle, and it will change based on stress and external circumstances. It's important to monitor your own personal sleep requirements, energy test the optimum amount, and then honor what your body needs. 

Along with weight management, another added bonus of adequate sleep is better sex. Research showed that women who had an additional hour of quality sleep were 14% more available to engage in sexual activity! New mommas, share this information with your husband - I can almost guarantee he'll take care of the baby so you can get that extra hour! 😊

If you are getting ready for a test or an important presentation at the office, proper amounts of sleep will stimulate your brain in ways that increase your overall intellectual performance! AND there is research providing a direct correlation between adequate sleep and improved athletic ability. Those are just a few of the benefits along with improved immune function, healthier skin, balanced emotional health, and lowered risk of inflammatory disease. 

Ultimately, if you are doing everything in the daytime to modify your health: exercise, portion control, supplementation, and elimination of inflammatory foods, and you are struggling to see a change, then assessing your sleep habits should be the next step. Experiment with these simple changes. They will allow your body and mind to be relaxed and comfortable for a healing night's sleep for all of the above-mentioned benefits.

For a week:

  1. do not drink caffeinated products after 2 p.m.,
  2. eat a light evening meal before 6:00 p.m.,
  3. exercise before 7 p.m.
  4. turn the TV off before 8:00 p.m

If you are still having trouble falling asleep, or if you are restless with tossing and turning, or wake up after several hours and can not resume sleep, we have several programs available including all-natural, non-addicting supplements that have our clients waking refreshed and renewed after a blissful night's sleep. #livingwellrested

Photo courtesy of June 9, 2017's strawberry moon.




We all know people in our lives that emit a charge of energy… a burst of positivity. They are attractive to be around, light up the world wherever they go, and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. Have you ever wondered why? And did you ever wonder if you created the same impact? 

The answer revolves around your personal vibration. Positive people resonate at a higher frequency elevating the world around them, and we can feel that and it’s powerful. Our vibrational frequency is measurable. It will fluctuate depending on our circumstances, but the goal is to maintain as high a level as possible - 852 Hz being optimum.

People that have an elevated frequency have learned to balance and harmonize with the universe creating a resonating cycle, the more they give, the more they receive, and then the more they give again… of themselves, their resources, and their energy. They epitomize peacefulness, joyfulness, and love regardless of their external circumstances. They have learned to release the emotional barriers to a living well life, and have learned to stay grounded in God’s truths.

This is a simple guide to empower you to make the changes necessary to increase your own bio-energetic field and vibrational levels:

1. Be connected to God without ceasing.
2. Be generous with your gifts and resources.
3. Make gratitude your life motto.
4. Fill your space with refreshing and uplifting sounds.
5. Train your resting face to smile.
6. Identify and release your emotional burdens.
7. Spend time in nature.
8. Capture and guard your thoughts and your words against complaints.
9. Refrain from destructive habits and behaviors.
10. Eat organic, live food to feed your body and soul.
11. Ensure that your nervous system is functioning optimally.
12. Live purposefully no matter what stage of life you are in.

The people that live in a state of positivity and high-vibrational frequency are more productive and more creative. They are healthier and stronger, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They make choices that are in alignment with a benevolent lifestyle. They find goodness all around them, and that goodness leads to more goodness. It’s a beautiful rhythm of God’s providence in your lives, and when you elevate your frequency, you magnify your attractiveness to those that need what you have to offer… simply, the best you.

There are certainly other factors to consider, but this elemental list will energize and inspire your foundation. If you’d like more information about your personal vibration and how to achieve an optimal state of being, to be more impactful and more purposeful, let us know. We can help.


Textbook Altering Link Between Immune System & Brain


Textbook Altering Link Between Immune System & Brain

Prior to 2015 the medical community had zero workable knowledge of lymphatic drainage from the central nervous system. In theory, it was thought to exist and function in some capacity but no physical structure was ever found. In the words of one of the researchers from the University of Virginia who was a part of this amazing discovery, Dr. Jonathan Kipnis stated,

“I really did not believe there are structures in the body that we are not aware of. I thought the body was mapped…and that these discoveries ended somewhere around the middle of the last century. But apparently they have not.”

The structures the researchers had discovered are tiny vessels that reside in the meninges. These structures line the dural sinuses and transport immune cells to and from the central nervous system. The full text for the study can be found following this link.

This discovery should have profound effects on how neurological conditions are treated, particularly those characterized by a neuro-inflammatory response. Whether it is the build-up of proteins in the brain with conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease (amyloid plaques) or Huntington’s Disease (huntingtin protein), or the waxing and waning response of multiple sclerosis, the mechanistic relationship adjoining the brain and immune system cannot be ignored.

As upper cervical chiropractors, we have a responsibility to our patients to make sure we are optimizing the bony structure that surrounds the brainstem. One study performed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association found that secondary venous drainage from the skull was reduced in people suffering from migraine headaches and subsequently relieved symptomatically through the NUCCA correction process but also there was a greater percentage of venous blood flow from the skull post adjustment.

Another study that is currently still in the works is finding a plethora of evidence involving a stagnation of the cerebral spinal fluid and its inability to properly circulate around the brain and spinal cord due to a herniation of the cerebellum through the hole in the bottom of the skull that transmits the brainstem. (This often misdiagnosed as most MRI units view the structures in non-weight baring positions.) This has the effect of placing a cork in the opening of a bottle. Pressure can then build up inside the cranium and around the meninges that surround the brain and spinal cord. When restoration of the bony structure occurs through a specific correction to the misalignments between the skull and the top two vertebrae, the fluid can then begin circulating in a more normal pattern. When this occurs long term, neural tissue has displayed a remarkable ability to heal.

If venous drainage and cerebral spinal fluid can be altered to the extent that it causes disease based on the misalignment of spinal bones, it stands to reason that the same can be said of the proteins that build up in the brain with certain conditions. By restoring normal spinal biomechanics along with dietary changes to reduce systemic inflammation, a conservative approach to some of these conditions could drastically alter the outcome for many people suffering from neurological conditions. For those already under long term management for such conditions, co-managing with upper cervical providers could prove to be an essential missing piece of the puzzle in the patient’s journey back to health.

-In Health,

Dr. Andrew R. Burns



The 26 Second Rule

Educate and celebrate! Here's another amazing "did you know"...

75% of estrogen for women and 50% of adults testosterone for the body is made where?
Not in the ovaries and testes?....NO
Not in the liver or brain?....NOPE
Then where?

The skin! Oh, and nearly 100% of post-menopausal estrogen is made in the skin. The skin IS an endocrine (hormonal) organ. Not a gland like the liver or pancreas, but a full-on endocrine organ, and the biggest one we have. The skin makes hormones for the body including IGF-1, Thyroid, Human Growth Hormone, and many neurotransmitters, but it also has its own feedback loop that controls our hormone function.

What you put on your skin goes through this hormone factory and feedback loop. 60-95% of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. And the absorption rate on the face and scalp is 5-10 times higher! Cosmetics today have no regulations and most contain these hormone and endocrine disruptors that are covertly sabotaging your health and well-being. We see it all the time in girls starting their periods younger and younger, and women becoming prematurely menopausal! 

Overwhelmed by that information and need to know where to start?? I'll be posting a good, better, best "getting started" guide soon, so you can have A Living Well Life! 



Age in Days

I recently started following someone on Instagram that was counting her age in days. I was fascinated by the concept, and enlightened. Truly, each day is significant, but we tend to fly through them, getting by without much thought to the minutes.

Reading about this inspired me to know exactly how many days I had lived, so I jumped on and googled an age-in-days calculator and quickly entered my information. It ASTONISHED me: 19,440! Whoa! I started asking God’s forgiveness f...or falling short in appreciating each and every one of those 24 hour gifts. What had I missed thinking there was always tomorrow? What did I take for granted? What Kingdom assignments had I failed to see… or had seen, but hadn’t accepted? What blessings did I miss along the way? I needed to refine my thinking. I needed to expand my willingness to grow. I needed to find peace in facing my fears. Life is so much bigger than I am, and that number - 19,440 - has changed me.

It has made waking up in the morning more meaningful. My new favorite question..."So what's on our agenda today, God?" foremost in my mind. I feel ready to make an impact…. to use the gifts and talents that He has given me to their fullest potential… to not waste a single moment. I realized that making good, better, best decisions daily will lead to a year full of Kingdom service, fulfilling relationships, accomplishments in business, and self-care improvements. To truly bring to life and embrace one of my favorite verses… “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”, so that when I look back, I will have solace knowing that I had served faithfully without limits and without fear in the capacity that I was created.

This is the calculator that I used to find out this valuable information: So, what’s your age in days???



Beautiful, Black Magic

Whole Foods Market is a wonderland for me! 

While we were away this weekend, we stopped into the Rochester, Michigan location to pick up some party supplies, and while we were there, I couldn’t stop myself from exploring the produce department. Ahhh, all those beautiful bins of fresh fruits and vegetables are like candy to me! :)

I was admiring each and every one of them, and then as if a shaft of light came down from above, I spotted the black radishes. This is a vegetable that has such amazing therapeutic value, and I’d only ever experienced it encapsulated in our Standard Process products! But here they were in real life. Some people may pass them by as being unattractive, and possibly a little scary looking, but knowing the benefits makes them gorgeous to me!

When we recommend Black Radish in the office it is typically used for liver detoxification. The liver is critical for regulating cholesterol. It manages the purification of your blood. It is responsible for eliminating excess hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline, and estrogen from the body. It has over 600 functions, so we need to love our livers, feed them and nurture them so that they can do their job for a very long time.

Detoxification of the liver allows all of the necessary B vitamins, C, and zinc to support the skin to bring back a youthful glow, and to heal scarring or stretch marks. Keep in mind that the health of the skin includes the scalp, so if the scalp is healthy, there will be less hair loss, and hair growth will be at its optimum. 

Black radish is also essential in balancing the thyroid. Down-regulating it if it’s hyperactive as in Graves disease or Hashimoto’s disease, or up-regulating if it's hypo-active. 

So if you see these remarkable Black Radishes, better known as “Black Magic”, buy them… juice them…. eat them on a salad, and let them to rapidly restore and rebalance your entire body, top to bottom, inside and out!

[And if you don't see them fresh, or prefer not to eat them, let me know and we can get you hooked up with some organic Standard Process Spanish Black Radish capsules that will assist your body in all the ways that are listed above.]

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My Chiropractic Superhero

Headaches are horribly annoying. They rob us of being in the moment, they create a distraction to our creativity and isolate us from joy.

When I was in my early 20’s before meeting my superhero husband-to-be, I lived on excedrin. I started my day with 3-4 tablets and carried the bottle with me to take again later. I assumed this condition was something I had to live with and the drugs were the only way to manage the pain. 

Until I met Terry. It was shocking to him that 1) I had such frequent headaches, 2) that I hadn’t searched for a solution to the underlying problem, and 3) that I would continually pollute my liver with a constant stream of drugs. But I didn’t know there was another way… a better way. 

AFTER ONE ADJUSTMENT, the headaches were GONE. I had been misaligned for so long that I assumed this was normal. It wasn’t normal. After this structural correction, my body was so so happy to be balanced and living well. I no longer needed to take excedrin, and was able to function clearly. I noticed other things too:

My monthly cycle was smoother emotionally and less painful.

My energy level was lifted. 

I was no longer constipated.

My metabolism increased and I lost weight. 

I was more productive because I was no longer in pain. 

My creativity returned.

And I felt truly joyful as I was able to connect fully to my Creator. 

It has been so long since I’ve experienced a headache that I began taking it for granted. I maintain a chiropractic care plan to help avoid any setbacks in my health, but yesterday afternoon, I started feeling discomfort over my left eye into my temple. We were headed out to meet our daughters and their families for dinner and I hoped it would just go away, and that I would be fine, but as the evening continued, it got worse and worse until I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes because of the setting sun, and the intense pain. 

Enter that same superhero man who offered to carry me to the adjusting table… “Come on, lets get you checked and adjusted.” He palpated my neck and discovered muscle contraction and tension knowing that the vertebrae were locked up. This was the contributing factor to the head pain. He gently and systematically corrected the subluxation and within the hour, I was pain-free, able to sleep soundly waking up fresh and revived and ready to serve God’s Kingdom in the way that I was created. 

Headaches are not normal. If you suffer from them, I empathize. When you are ready, we have a structural Living Well solution that will change your life!



Know Your Code... Getting from good to better to best...

When I became pregnant with Lily in 1989, our midwives introduced us to a whole new world of nutrition. We were in Iowa at the time for Terry to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, so I understood the concepts of a well-aligned spine and an optimally functioning nervous system in relationship to true health and well-being, but their knowledge of herbal medicine influenced my view of Creation in a profound way.

To be one of their clients, they had supplementation requirements to help ensure the health of the mom and the baby and to provide the foundation for a successful outcome during their home-birth delivery. It was overwhelming in the beginning, but then I discovered how much I loved learning about all the different plants, herbs and combinations of roots and leaves and flowers. After baby Caitlin went to sleep at night, I spent long hours pouring over herbal medicine books, ancient remedy guides, and homeopathic journals. I was overwhelmed that God provided everything that we needed to help balance our bodies and restore function in things all around us! I looked at dandelions in a whole new way! Thousands and thousands of them pop up every year, and the root is a strong liver detoxifier! We live in a toxic world, yet these dandelions thrive and they can help us thrive too! Brilliant! Red raspberry leaf tea to tone the uterine muscle all during pregnancy to get it ready for it’s ultimate purpose of birthing a baby. Brilliant! Alfalfa to elevate and maintain iron levels for the mom and the baby! Healthy alfalfa roots can grow to a depth of 30 feet, which gives that plant access to rare trace minerals that travel up the plant, and then when it is harvested, we enjoy the benefits of vitamins A,D,E,K, full spectrum of B vitamins, biotin, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron! Brilliant! 

I was amazed by the diversity, I was amazed by His bounty, and I just kept learning. As I read more, I realized how fantastic that this herb, or that plant, or those fruits were and I thought I needed to be taking/eating/drinking anything and everything that was related to what I was thinking or feeling. Whoa, overload! And then Terry graduated and we moved to Ohio where he joined another doctor in practice. And I still wanted to learn more.

Corrective spinal care was, and still is, the foundation of our health care,  and these herbal tinctures and potions support the body’s built-in ability to heal and restore itself once the nervous system is balanced. But it continued to be overwhelming trying to sort through what was required during different health challenges that our young family experienced. Lots of trial and error, lots of money spent on all sorts of products that looked good, sounded good and that were recommended to us.

And then in 1991, just when God knew that I was ready, He introduced me to energy testing…. a way to use the body’s electrical system to reveal what is most highly beneficial… physically, emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally. I was amazed, thrilled, blessed, and grateful to finally have a tool that could pinpoint the very best products for each of us at any given time according to our needs. I began energy testing for everything! Everything! Food, supplements, body care, cosmetics… It saved us money, time, and aggravation, and eliminated soooo many bottles, tubes, jars, and bags of things that were unnecessary.

At that time, I thought the only way to energy test was to check a particular person for what they needed, and have other people check me for what I needed. So for decades we went about testing that way, and it was extremely helpful. I tested people at our office for the supplements that they currently used, or that they needed to add and implement. I loved knowing that people were leaving the office with exactly what they needed, nothing more, nothing less. But what about those times when I’m at the store by myself trying to decide between 4 different items? Or when we were traveling and the girls needed something for their cramps, or a cold... or which food was best for my white dove, Oliver? It was a quandary.

AND THEN 3 years ago, energy testing got even better, and more useful, and more helpful to even MORE people. I learned how to energy test myself for the items that were most important to me…. AND to connect and energy test others as their proxy, in person or remotely from a distance. This is an incredibly powerful tool and a mighty and valuable gift from the Holy Spirit! It’s a way to uncover what our subconscious deems as most highly beneficial for each of us without guessing, or estimating, or assuming. We have been energy testing others this way for several years related to their emotional needs, identifying and releasing the negative emotions that are stuck creating imbalances in their system. We continue to be amazed at the results of that healing work.

Now, we want to help others determine their precise nutritional needs with this same type of proxy testing. There is no need to leave your home or office. Your notes are sent to you directly by email, evaluating the products that you have been using, and including an access code to order any supplements that may be recommended which are then shipped right to your door. Save time, money, and energy by setting up a “Your Nutrition Code” appointment today. Click here to learn more: Or email us at




I felt like I was in the music video for Jonny Diaz’s song called Breathe this morning. My brain was running a million miles an hour before my feet touched the floor. And I felt behind schedule rushing out the door, so I skipped whipping up one of my usual fresh fruit and vegetable drinks! I know I need the continued support for healthy skin internally and externally, so I maintain a supplement schedule that includes 3 Regeneplex per day. When I’ve missed my part, the preparing part, I simply take 3 additional capsules! It’s an easy way to stay consistent and give my skin the support it deserves. I feel great taking it because it’s a clinically studied systemic skin health product that works from the inside out. By combining key ingredients from whole foods with complementary ingredients, this formula synergistically supports my body’s natural tissue-healing processes associated with the normal effects of aging. Something that fresh vegetable juice and a clean diet can do, but this fills in the gaps when I have been neglectful. Benefits of Regeneplex include:
1) Targeting all three layers of skin. Supporting the circulatory AND digestive systems, AND cellular structure and functions!
2) Provides a supportive nutritional foundation for healthy skin!
3) Supports skin elasticity and appearance while helping address fine lines around the eyes. Clinically and anecdotally proven!
4) High in antioxidant vitamin C (ANTI-RUST function)

I definitely prefer to eat my vitamins and minerals but when I can’t (or haven’t), I love knowing that I have a back-up plan for balanced health and slower aging!

Living Well Spine Center proudly retails Standard Process products. We research and investigate options for our office and have determined that Standard Process is the best supplementation support for our patients, our staff and ourselves! Let us know if we can help develop a personalized nutritional protocol just for you!