The Joy is in the "Get To"


At Thanksgiving time, one of my greatest joys is planning and preparing a feast for our family. Inevitably as I unload my overflowing cart while checking out at the grocery store, the cashier looks at me with a semi-scowl, and says, “Ohhhh, you have to cook the meal?” The first time it happened, many years ago, I was stunned. I tipped my head and said with a smile, “No, I don’t have to, I get to! It’s an honor and a joy for my husband and I to be surrounded by our family, filled with gratefulness and good food!” This cashier tipped her head back at me, confused, then lifted her eyebrows, and said, “I like that.”

Different versions of this same scenario manifest throughout the days, weeks and years. Statements like, “You HAVE to go to the office?” Heck no! I GET to go to the office, where I can love and serve people with the purpose and passion that God instilled in me.

This one is popular, “Yuck, you have to go to the dentist?” No way! I love my teeth and I GET to go to the dentist where she makes sure they are healthy and strong!

Ever heard this one?? “I HAVE to do laundry.“ No, you don’t, but if you want clean clothes for yourself and your family, you GET to! Or you can hire yourself an “Alice” and never HAVE to do it again! :)

Here’s another: “Ewwww, you have to pay bills?” Nope, I’m grateful for the resources needed to GET to pay them! If you don’t like paying bills now, train yourself to be blessed every time a check goes in the mail and be thankful that you have the money to pay it. Resentfulness will breed bitterness. And bitterness will cause negativity to fester and permeate your life. As the child of a generous and abundant God, I have no room for that nonsense!

So if you find yourself with a list of “have-to’s”, there are a couple of choices:

1. Either change the way you think about what you GET to do, or

2. Change what you’re doing!

It’s really that simple. Each moment of your life is a gift that you GET to live. Your perspective creates the difference between obligation and privilege!

You GET to choose, but just remember, the JOY is in the get-to!



Helping or Harming: What's IN Your Body


Continuing our cancer prevention and education campaign, let’s talk about how what we put in us, body, mind and spirit, either helps us or harms us….

Studies are proving that only 5-10% of breast cancer cases are genetic. That means that the other 90-95% is due to personal choices and environmental toxicities, which puts you back in control. Just think!! By changing your diet and lifestyle, you could reduce your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by 95%. WOW!!! Prevention is so much more effective in overall well-being. By being proactive, and doing the things that you would do to “treat” cancer, hopefully you will avoid it entirely.

I see so many people in our office that are trying to overcome illness and disease. A very small percent, maybe 5%, come in because they want to avoid illness and disease. They would like to create a prevention-based lifestyle, and they want to learn and know what to do live their best lives. This is most definitely a conscious decision that they make. They know that means changing their habits, their diets, and their emotional energy. Maybe they’ve watched a loved one suffer, or experienced a health scare of their own, but whatever the case, they have determined the value of better health, doing what’s necessary to gain it and keep it, is worth the effort.

There are some basic guidelines. We know to reduce the risk of cancer we need to increase the effectiveness of our immune system, as well as reduce inflammation, balance gut bioses, enhance antioxidant activity, optimize circulation, and control blood sugar. Following are some ways to rebalance your inner system with those elements in mind:

1. Have your spine evaluated for subluxation. In 1975, Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New York's Preventive Medicine Institute and professor in Environmental Health at New York University, began researching the most scientifically valid ways to estimate individual susceptibility to various chronic diseases. He has conducted a tremendous amount of research in this area that includes over 160 published reports in peer reviewed journals. Pero's team measured 107 individuals who had received long-term Chiropractic care. The chiropractic patients were shown to have a 200% greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic care, and a 400% greater immune competence than people with cancer or serious diseases. Interestingly, Pero found no decline with the various age groups in the study demonstrating that the DNA repairing enzymes were just as present in long-term chiropractic senior groups as they were in the younger groups. Pero concluded, 'Chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have so that you can fully resist serious disease...I have never seen a group other than this show a 200% increase over normal patients.' #getchecked

2. Clear your mind and energy field of negative emotions. Practice forgiveness. Turn off the news. Listen to classical music. Keep a “junk journal”. This is something that Lily shared with me recently. Write down all the worthless thoughts that pop into your mind and at the end of the day, release them by burning the page or shredding it. If you feel like these negative energies are trapped, seek a qualified Body Code practitioner to help identify and release those emotions that are stuck, and while you’re at it, make sure that you do not have a heart wall. A heart wall is layers of emotional baggage that is preventing you from giving and receiving pure love. These heart walls prevent strengthening of relationships with other people and also with our Creator. They hold us back from being the human beings that we were created to be. Studies have shown that our thoughts can make epigenetic changes in a nano-second, so think healthy thoughts. Please. Thank you. I love you.

3. Choose eating plans with a heavy emphasis on organic, non-gmo fruits and vegetables. All plant foods contain phyto-nutrients that aid healing. Along with those food groups, herbs also have properties that protect against and inhibit the proliferation of cancer while strengthening, cleansing and repairing the body. These include green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sea vegetables, like kelp and dulse, fruits, especially berries and dark grapes with seeds and skins, garlic, ginger, turmeric and green tea, among many others. A diet containing an abundance of organic plant foods, approximately 80%, provides layers of nutritional protection. Using herbs and spices like rosemary, oregano, cayenne, curry, basil, cilantro and black pepper are also highly beneficial for optimizing health.

4. Being stressed is distress for your body. We are ALL affected by it including younger and younger children as they manage the stress of school, youth activities, peers, their environment and the residual stress that they feel from their parents. There are so many new opportunities and innovative ways to “do life”! To gain peace in your world, open your mind to the possibilities. Be diligent and aggressive at making choices that maximize balance in your day-to-day lifestyle. This was the conclusion from a study done in 2010 and published in Future Oncol’s December edition. “In modern lifestyle societies, chronic stress has been associated with the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cancer. Chronic stress results in the activation of specific signaling pathways in cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment, leading to tumor growth and progression. Elucidation of these pathways is essential for the development of novel approaches to block the deleterious effects of stress biology on cancer growth and metastasis.” Go to your happy place as often as possible!

5. Supplement your well-balanced food plan with nutrients known to reduce inflammation, spark vitality, and increase immune function. Supplements are, well, supplements! They can not take the place of a nutrient-rich diet, but they can help accelerate health and well-being! I am a proponent of on-going elimination of stealth pathogens. These viral, bacterial, and fungal bad guys are sneaky, and so we must be diligent in our attack. We recommend cycling, or pulse dosing, several herbal heavy-hitters, like Echinacea, Thuja, Neem, Cat’s Claw, and Artemisia, and depending on the client and their circumstances, we may also recommend Lemon Balm, Burdock and Sanicle. If you do energy testing, you can check yourself to see which combination is right for you. We also advocate the use of L-lysine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, balanced ratio of Omega-3 & 6, Iodine, and B-12 in doses that are appropriate for balancing the body. There are also several protocols designed to attack irregular cells to increase wellness. They are more complex, but if this is something that you need more information about, please let us know.

6. Optimize gut function with probiotics and fermented foods, like sauerkraut, organic pickles, kombucha, beet kvass, kefir to balance viral biome, fungus biome, and bacterial biome. The gut is the storage facility for your immune system. It’s where huge colonies of cancer-fighters can proliferate and be on the defensive for pathogenic invaders. Feed them well.

7. Activate your lymphatic system by moving your body! One of the funnest and most effective ways to get lymph fluid flowing is by using a rebounder, aka mini-trampoline. You can be as gentle or aggressive as you’d like, but I recommend getting one with a handlebar if that’s the case! :) Walking 30 minutes a day is just as effective. There was an impressive study released recently that concluded that walking 30 minutes a day could reduce the recurrence of breast cancer by 50%!

8. Connect to your Creator! Nurture that relationship. Read about how much He adores you. Find out about the special purpose that you were created for in the love letter that He wrote to you! Allow this gratitude to fill you up to overflowing until you are blessing everyone around you with a word of encouragement or a simple smile! This will reset your soul and allow your spirit to discern the necessary steps to take on your journey to your living well life.

9. Focusing on all the glorious things that we can do to promote health should keep us busy being well, but I wanted to touch on some important things to AVOID when building up your wellness muscles! 1) All processed foods, which includes ALL PROCESSED FOODS: “The term processed food is any food that has been purposely changed in some way prior to consumption. It includes food that has been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or changed in nutritional composition with fortifying, or preserving or altering in some way.” 2) Fast food: see previous statement 3) Refined white sugar: feeds cancer cells and other pathogens 4) Smoked meats: processed meats contain high levels of nitrites, sodium, and sugars. Many of these meats are preserved by smoking them, which adds flavor, but also increases exposure to carcinogens. 5) Vaccinations: “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” This phrase or one similar can be found on just about every vaccine package insert and should be an encouragement to do more research and to evaluate the risk to benefit ratio of being injected. Most vaccines contain carcinogenic substances, such as formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, and Polysorbate 80, all linked to cancer, neurological issues, and interference with metabolic and cellular processes.

10. One last thing… Avoid overwhelm. Make small shifts that support sustainability of your new lifestyle! Simple steps are steps.

The choices that we would make to treat illness are the same choices that we should be making to prevent cancer and other debilitating diseases. Addressing the nutritional deficiencies by feeding the organs, glands and cells of the body whole foods brings it back into a state of true wellness. You can create your own personalized protocol by listening to the needs of your body, and providing the tools and building blocks that it requires to recreate itself in perfect harmony. These new daily habits will then become a permanent part of your living well life.

If you have questions, please email here. We are here to guide you on your quest for best!

Next up: Carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals… What are you putting ON your body?? Follow along here: a Living Well Life.



Ditch & Switch: Wine Edition


We are always on the lookout for health and wellness information for our clients and the members of our private group, a Living Well Life. When something seems illogical or nonsensical, it causes us to ask questions and wonder why. I noticed a significant shift in the number of clients that had high levels of glyphosate on their Zyto reports, so I began a quest to uncover the mystery of these out-of-range scores in people that were leading a toxin-free lifestyle. It became clear, very quickly, that the link was wine… dirty, nasty, toxic wine. I realized just how pervasive this poison had become, so read through and hang on, there’s a solution at the end.

I have some good news and some bad news and then some good news again!

GOOD NEWS: Wine is full of polyphenols, naturally-occurring antioxidants found in many fruits and vegetables, that are created to protect the harvest from fungus, bacteria, and other harsh growing conditions. When you drink the wine, it helps protect you by neutralizing the free radicals that stress your system and cause disease. Natural, organic wines have a diverse variety of polyphenols including resveratrol to lower inflammation, procyanidins to protect cells, and ellagic acid which helps regulate blood sugar. According to a 2007 study from Finland, “wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers.”

BAD NEWS: One of the sneakiest and worst chemicals that show up on my clients’ scans is glyphosate, the chemical produced by Monsanto, the same company that manufactured Agent Orange and DDT. We know glyphosate as Round-up. It’s used as a broad spectrum weed-killer and pesticide, and in the USA alone, more than 300 million pounds of this poison are applied to genetically-modified crops annually. Glyphosate herbicides do not dry, wash or cook off and they have been proven to be neurotoxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors and a cause of liver disease at very low levels. Glyphosate is being implicated in cancer, increase in autism spectrum disorder, asthma, food allergies, and auto-immune disease, just to name a few. Genetically modified seeds are the only ones that can withstand this chemical assault, but overuse has created glyphosate-resistant weeds, so conventional farmers have begun applying even more chemicals, like 2,4D, to their fields. You can read more about that chemical here:

And guess what? U.S. vineyards are one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Because of chemical overuse and the contamination that is throughout our soil, even organic crops test positive for glyphosate. That’s not all though, many vintners also include Mega Purple and Ultra Red coloring agents in their product for enhanced visual appeal, and added sweetness. It’s estimated that 25 million bottles produced annually include these chemicals. Other additives that you should be aware of are:

1. Sawdust is another shortcut to provide tannins and an oaky flavor at a lower cost.

2. Commercial yeast, genetically modified, is another additive that speeds fermentation, but can create a histamine reaction and head pain.

3. Sugar is added during fermentation, and is used to speed the processing time, and increase alcohol content.

4. The FDA has approved 76 different additives for use in winemaking. These include things like metals, toxic chemicals, fish bladders, and more.

Okay, there’s more BAD NEWS: Myclobutanil is an aggressive fungicide that is used in California vineyards. That state accounts for 50% of this toxin used in the entire United States, and 60% of that is used exclusively on wine grapes. The side effects from this toxin include birth defects, infertility, and organ damage. Other negative side effects reported are severe caustic effects or burns, and manifestations might include persistent vomiting, drooling, pain with or inability to swallow, and abdominal pain. Upper airway edema, and severe bronchospasm can also develop. Eye or skin exposure can cause severe irritation and burns. The fungicide can cause narcosis ranging from somnolence to coma. Other reports indicate that Myclobutanil can disrupt metabolic processes such as inducing hypoglycemia, uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation, inducing metabolic acidosis, causing methemoglobinemia, and causing electrolyte abnormalities. I’m sure that is the last thing that you are considering as you are enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Along with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, this conglomeration of additives has certainly helped us to solve the food stressor additives and glyphosate mystery in our clients. Sadly, none of these additives need to be disclosed on the label. It’s definitely a buyer beware situation.

GOOD NEWS: There are, in fact, many organic and biodynamically grown crops from small family vintners around the world. That means, even though use of chemicals has risen 26x’s, or 2600%, in the last 50 years, these privately owned vineyards do not use them, and are adamantly opposed to them. They are also made without additives like the ones mentioned above. Another benefit to these speciality farms is their ability to experiment with different methods of farming, like dry farming. The vines that are grown on these lands get natural rainfall only, which causes their roots to grow deep, up to 50 feet more than conventional farming, so they are absorbing a multitude of nutrients through the rich soil. Because there is no sugar added, these small batch farms create wines that can be part of a ketogenic diet. Low sugar and carb count is optimal for ideal health. They are also:

1. Low in alcohol, with a maximum of 12.5% alcohol content which provides a more elegant taste, pairs better with food, and allows you to experience the benefits of wine, like improved heart function, and lower insulin response.

2. Low in sulfites. While all wines contain some naturally occurring sulfites, below 75 ppm is optimal. The US average is 350 ppm. The lower the sulfites, the more alive a wine remains.

Natural wines are “hangover free”. They do not cause brain fog, or head pain, and they promote better sleep and a healthier gut biome! Because wine is a living drink, the probiotics that are active will protect your gut from pathogens and reduce inflammation. Enjoying 3-5 glasses per WEEK is ideal. More than that and it will begin to kill off healthy gut flora colonies, cause inflammation, and raise cholesterol. Just like with everything else, moderation is the key.

DITCH! These are the 6 worst chemical offenders:

1. Beringer

2. Sutter Home

3. Yellow Tail

4. Robert Mondavi

5. Gallo

6. Barefoot

I’m sorry, friends. I am not much of a wine drinker, but even those labels are recognizable to me.

SWITCH! This is a short list of natural, organic wines and they are all around or under $25 per bottle:

1. Monte Bernardi

2. Pacific Rim

3. Grgich Hills Estate

4. Annona Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

5. Badger Mountain

6. Domaine des Bacchantes

In case that seems as daunting to you as it did to us, there’s an even simpler solution. Terry and I recently joined Dry Farm Wines for their curated collection of natural wines. We let them take the guesswork out of tracking down the highest quality, best tasting wines in the world. You can read more about them here:, and if you join their Social Club, you can get a bottle of their finest for just one penny!

And for staying until the end, here are 5 helpful tips to increase your enjoyment of chemical-free, organic wine:

1. Many small lot wines are small production, so, if you love it, buy more.

2. Low in sulfites means fresh. Depending upon the wine, you might want to open it a year or two from the release date.

3. Let it breathe. Many of these wines are young reds and need aeration.

4. Wineries are transparent! If you want to find out just how organic your wine is check out the websites for information about the growing and production practices of the wineries.

5. Curate your own organic wine list. Learn the qualities that you like such as “velvety” and flavors like “blackberry”, then look for those words in other wine descriptions and most likely – you’ll love it.

Cheers to toxin-free living!!

For more vital information for creating a toxin-free lifestyle, in, on and around you, please join us at a Living Well Life!



Mammograms: inaccurate, ineffective, and dangerous? You decide.

Early detection for all cancer makes sense. The medical community would like for us to believe that mammograms provide that early detection, but they DO NOT. By the time a mammogram can detect cancer, it has typically been growing, multiplying and duplicating for 7 years. That’s a LONG time. Typically, if it shows up on a mammogram, it’s also detectable in a breast self-exam. Christine Northrup writes, “Studies have shown that by the time a tumor has grown to sufficient size to be detectable by physical examination or mammography, it has in fact been growing for about seven years achieving more than 25 doublings of the malignant cell colony. At 90 days there are two cells, at one year there are 16 cells, and at five years there are 1,048,576 cells–an amount that is still UNDETECTABLE by a mammogram.” That’s definitely not early detection.

And there’s a more sinister side to mammograms. Things that your doctor may or may not know. Mammograms have an unacceptably high rate of false positive diagnosis which leads to unnecessary treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomy, and other toxic treatments. Realize this too - that because of the stress of the misdiagnosis, many of those women actually get breast cancer within several years. It’s a common day version of the ancient aboriginal bone-pointers, and their rituals which create a psychosomatic response so strong that it causes disease or death. It’s very real, because our minds are very powerful. The psychological effects alone for a woman with a false positive finding were the same after 6 months for women with a diagnosis of breast cancer. So sad. Studies have shown that for every 1 woman out of 2,000 that is saved, 10 women are injured. Really.

Mammograms are “strongly encouraged” after the age of 45 and many doctors are pushing for patients to begin those annual exams before 45, but listen to this: Mammograms produce a considerable and CUMULATIVE amount of radiation exposure, which can stimulate cancer growth and support metastasis - the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. When a woman follows the protocol to have a mammogram performed every six months to a year, she is getting as much radiation as those who were a mile away at Hiroshima! This should help clarify and put it in perspective: Radiation from 1 mammogram is equivalent to 1000 chest x-rays. The very exam that is suppose to “prevent” cancer actually stimulates cancer cells. No matter what anyone says, that is not okay. And another thing… instinctively I believe women have known that pressing the breast tissue into a vise-like grip is dangerous. And they were right. Research is now proving that the “smashing” of breasts in the mammography machine causes mutation of the cells.

You might be saying to yourself, “Hmmmm, I’m reconsidering mammograms, but what can I do?”


1. Consider scheduling a breast thermography exam. Thermography is a no contact, radiation-FREE, state-of-the-art screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body, not just the breast tissue. Most pathological processes demonstrate a form of increased heat, and some neurological processes show excessive cold, or hypothermia. As an example, breast disease can be detected by looking for areas of excessive or increasing heat that may indicate areas of angiogenesis, that's the increase of blood vessels supplied by a growing tumor. This technology detects irregular cells PRIOR to tumor formation, which IS early detection. It measures inflammation throughout the body not just breast tissue giving a better overall picture of a person’s health. If you live in Ohio, there are two centers that we recommend, and if you’d like that information, please email me at

2. Research shows that a home breast exam is equally as effective as mammography at detecting growth but without the radiation, so continue doing them. Set a date with yourself in the shower on the 1st day of the month. If you are pre-menopausal, plan on doing the breast self-exam 3 days after your period ends when the breast tissue is less tender and hormones are stabilized. After checking for visual changes, like color and texture, also symmetry, dimpling, bumps or indentations, check for any lumps or thickening in your underarm area using a circular motion. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to check the nipples. Then lay down to repeat the exam. You can use a self-help guide from google, or simply feel for changes in the breast tissue.

3. Studies are proving that only 5-10% of breast cancer is genetic. That means that the other 90-95% is due to personal choices and environmental toxicities, which puts you back in control. By changing your diet and lifestyle, you could reduce your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by 95%. WOW!!! Want to know how, what and why?? Stay tuned. I’ll be posting more information in the next couple of days in our private a Living Well Life group, as we continue our month-long journey into breast cancer prevention. Please join us.

Cancer is serious. As much as we would love to see a cure, or progress in treatment, it’s been slower than most would like. Through our clinical experience, we’ve seen many people die from their disease, and just as many that have died from their treatment. It’s heart-breaking, and we grieve with these families. We’ve also seen many people survive their diagnosis through holistic treatments, conventional treatments, or a combination of both, and we celebrate with grateful hearts these victories.

So as you go forth, please remember that these suggestions are merely that. We fully encourage our patients and clients to ask LOTS of questions, listen to all the recommendations, do their own research, and choose what’s right for them!



Prevention vs. Awareness: Words Matter


We’ve never donated to a cancer fund. Ever. And it’s not because we are cheap, or that we don’t care. We do care. We care about truth-telling. We care about sharing helpful and relevant information that the pharmaceutical industry and the cancer “awareness” organizations are not talking about. Information that will actually help you prevent cancer. In this day and age, the sad truth is that we are ALL aware and affected by it in one way or another. Who needs more awareness? What we need are people making a difference. People that are risking their lives to find solutions to this devastating disease. I’ll talk about that in a later post, but for today, I want you to understand the premise behind cancer charities, the largest and most recognizable being the Susan G. Komen foundation with their pink ribbons.

The Susan G. Komen fund wants you to believe they are “finding the cure”, but guess what? In 20 years, the number of women that got a diagnosis of breast cancer went from 1 in 20 to 1 in 7. Someone is doing a pretty lousy job of finding that cure. And that’s if they’re really looking to begin with. And guess what else? Those same companies that paint their chicken buckets pink, and adorn their soup cans with ribbons, continue to use saturated fats and MSG known to increase the risk of breast cancer. Their cans are lined with BPA, a known endocrine-disruptor, responsible for changing mammary gland tissue and function because that chemical liner mimics estrogen. Even sugar-laden cupcakes and cookies are pink. If they wanted to make a difference in the cure for cancer, they could start by eliminating the very things that are causing it.

Cancer - all aspects - including treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry. And a substantial part of that income is from mammographies. Peter Gotzche, director of Nordic Cochrane Collaboration, concludes that screening employees are financially motivated. They tend to inflate the benefits and discount the harms to get a new “customer”. What they don’t talk about is that these very screenings may save 1 in 2,000 lives, but harm 10 in the process. What?! Why would we sacrifice 10 for 1???? It makes no sense. It just cannot be justified unless you are gaining financially from the exploitation of these machines and those exams.

Speaking of gaining financially, you can go to the SGK 2009 IRS form 990 to see the breakdown of their financials, including income and expenses. Let’s start with their income. This is taken from research published in Natural News: “The Komen Foundation owns stock in General Electric, one of the largest makers of mammogram machines in the world. It also owns stock in several pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca (now AzkoNobel). AstraZeneca has long been a Komen booster, making educational grants to Komen and having a visible presence at the Race For the Cure. At the 1998 Food and Drug Administration hearings, the Komen Foundation was the only national breast cancer group to endorse the AstraZeneca cancer treatment drug tamoxifen as a prevention device for HEALTHY but high-risk women, despite vehement opposition by most other breast cancer groups because of its links to uterine cancer. The organization’s biggest sponsors are — surprise! — the corporations that profit from cancer through chemotherapy and radiation. To them, Komen for the Cure isn’t really about finding a cure for cancer; it’s about promoting cancer so that they can sell more drugs and radiotherapy that keep more patients locked into a cycle of dependence on toxic cancer treatments.” Does anyone else feel sick when reading these statistics?? As far as expenses, less than 10%, a dime for every dollar, goes towards the “cure”, but 90% of the $134,999,587 reported in 2010 went to marketing, fundraising, screenings, treatment, administrative costs, and salaries. It’s disgusting. And maddening. And frustrating. And sad. But now, we know better.

So we do not support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and we do not support their pink-washers. In fact, we avoid anything that’s pink in the month of October. It’s our own little way of standing up for the truth about cancer. Here’s more information about pinkwashing and what you can do about it. With Breast Cancer Action’s Think Before You Pink Toolkit, you’ll get the resources, information, and tools you need to understand the truth behind pink ribbon marketing, the conflicts of interest in the cancer industry, and why so many women are still being diagnosed and misdiagnosed—and help others learn about it, too.

I have to leave you with this doom and gloom tonight, but over the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you ways that you can be proactive in the prevention of breast cancer. So stay tuned to our private Facebook group, a Living Well Life. And if you know someone that may benefit from this information, please add them with their permission! Thank you for sharing!



Super Secret Superfood: the newest nutrient powerhouse!


Ooooo, how I love finding new and exciting ingredients that are packed with robust nutritional goodness! This Black Garlic was at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago, and I was fascinated by it! I purchased it and then it sat waiting for it’s recipe debut! Today was that day! 

Black garlic is a product of a fermentation process that lasts for 30 days with an additional  45 days of oxidation. This process causes the black pigmentation to develop along with a mellow flavor and soft texture, and it is well worth it! I used it tonight to replace raw minced garlic in a tossed caprese salad with basil, tomato and romaine lettuce along with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. It was DELICIOUS! 

There are some anecdotal uses for black garlic that include boosting the immune function, and studies like this one have shown that it reduces inflammation in the liver specifically. 

Many of Black Garlic’s benefits come from over 100 active compounds found within this superfood vegetable. One of the major components is the highly touted S-allyl cysteine which is being tested and evaluated for use as a potential cholesterol lowering agent and as a chemo-preventive. 

Another study demonstrated it’s incredible anti-oxidant properties as well as certain tumor-reducing agents. The abstract revealed that black garlic provided 25% more potency than white garlic and was instrumental in helping to prevent Alzheimers Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and similar inflammatory diseases. You can find that study here.

For those looking to lower their cholesterol naturally, take a look at this 2014 study from Korea. It demonstrated a marked increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a significant reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol). And because of the decrease in the Apolipoprotein B blood lipid markers, the study proved that it was beneficial for the cardiovascular system with no adverse effects!

Fermentation of the garlic provides more stability and 100% bioavailability which means that it will be assimilated effectively with instant nutrient absorption. For best results, black garlic should be consumed as a food item rather than a supplement, and the garlic cloves can be swallowed whole as you would a capsule rather than chewed if desired. Bonus: no bitter aftertaste, upset stomach, or bad breath!

I am always amazed at the complexity and the diversity of the healing foods that were created FOR us and are available TO us! I know that I will begin cooking with this potent superfood as often as I can find it, and may invest in my very own Black Garlic Fermenting device like this one , so that we can use it consistently for flavorful foods and healthier bodies! 

For more information on hints, tips and tricks for a healthier life, please join our private Living Well Facebook group.



Powerful Powder: UTI relief and other magical things to know about Cream of Tartar


Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! This innocent looking powder is a health benefits powerhouse!! You probably have a bottle of it tucked away in your spice cabinet. You probably take it out for whipping egg whites or if a recipe calls for stabilizing whipping cream, but for most of it’s life, it sits quietly waiting! But good news!! There is so much more to this substance than making meringue!

So what is it?? The label is misleading! It’s not creamy at all! It's a dry, powdery, acidic byproduct of fermenting grapes into wine. It’s official scientific name is potassium bitartrate, or potassium hydrogen tartrate or tartaric acid. But you can find it in the spice aisle labeled Cream of Tartar. It keeps it’s freshness indefinitely, but once you start using it as a superfood booster, you will be replenishing it often for you and your family!

I was about 24 years old when I first utilized Cream of Tartar outside the realm of baking. I had been battling with a kidney stone, developed a kidney infection, then when I was recovered from that, a urinary tract infection manifested. I was talking with a dear friend about it, and she told me that her grandmother recommended Cream of Tartar for that ailment. The recipe, stated in grandmotherly fashion was simple: a knife tip of Cream of Tartar in a big glass of water! I was at the peak of my catering career, and had lots of cream of tartar, since one of my most-requested recipes was mini-Pavlovas - those delicious meringue disks topped with home-made vanilla bean whipping cream, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and kiwis! MmmMmmmm, heaven on a plate! That’s another post for another time!

After the phone call with my friend ended, I quickly prepared the Cream of Tartar solution and drank it all at once. If you have ever had a UTI, you understand the discomfort and the distraction that it creates. Fast forward 20 minutes, and all that pain had disappeared! I had been trying lots of things prior to this, including cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, lemon water, etc, but nothing had alleviated the misery until this magical potion! I was mesmerized by it, and it has become a staple in my traveling bag for a quick urinary system reset after a long day on the road!

Over the years, I’ve shared this simple trick with my daughters and also clients, and they have been equally amazed at the results. Because Cream of Tartar is alkaline, it can help change your pH levels. Increasing alkalinity while reducing acidity kills off bad bacteria, which is why this tried and true home remedy has the potential to be your newest go-to when it comes to UTIs. Just mix 1 ½ teaspoons of Cream of Tartar with 1 cup warm water. You can add some freshly squeezed lemon juice if you’d like to, then drink the mixture all at once. Do this a few times a day to keep those nasty infections away. So simple, 100% toxin-free, and readily available!! I love using God’s foods for healing!

As if that’s not enough, I’ve discovered that it has other supernatural powers too! Read on:

For heartburn: Mix a ½ teaspoon of Cream of Tartar with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Add 1/2 cup room temperature water and drink all at once. This will immediately help to relieve any pain associated with heartburn. Simply balancing the acidity is the process behind this effective formula!

For arthritis pain: Cream of Tartar is rich in magnesium, so adding 2 Tablespoons to a warm bath along with 3 Tablespoons of Epsom salt and soaking for 30 minutes will help to reduce inflammation and joint pain. Do this once or twice per day until pain is alleviated.

For acne and other skin conditions: This bacteria-busting home remedy works from the inside out to reduce oily build-up and promote clear skin. The alkaline properties of Cream of Tartar eliminates and flushes the destructive bacteria that causes skin inflammation and acne. It can even reduce blackheads. It’s the perfect toxin-free solution for healthy skin! Start with 1 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of organic fresh squeezed orange juice (or water) two times per day! You could also apply a thin paste over your skin as a face mask one or two times per week! Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with cold water!

For high blood pressure: Hypertension is far too common these days and can lead to heart attack and strokes. One of the causes is often low levels of potassium. A simple blood test to determine your potassium levels is helpful in determining the cause of the condition. If you do suffer from low potassium, Cream of Tartar can be a toxin-free fix, packed with 16,500 mg of potassium in a mere 100 grams of cream of tartar. Just mix 1 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar in a glass of water and drink every night before bed until your potassium levels return to an optimal range.

Improve gallbladder function: The gallbladder is the liver’s best friend. They support each other in the break-down of fat and the elimination of toxicity from the body. When the gallbladder is malfunctioning, the pain can be excruciating. Unfortunately, the most common conventional treatment for an inflamed gallbladder, caused by stones, is surgery. This condition, called acute cholecystitis, affects more than 30,000,000 Americans a year. And more than 750,000 people will undergo a cholecystectomy, to have the gallbladder removed. According to researchers, approximately 75 percent of gallstones are composed primarily of cholesterol, which is fat in the blood. Cholesterol is important to help your brain, skin, and other organs grow and work the way they should, but when the body is out of balance through environmental toxicities or poor food choices, excessive, unmetabolized, under-utilized blood fats can add up to a very unhealthy gallbladder. Once again, Cream of Tartar to the rescue. Simply mix together 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon nutmeg, ¼ teaspoon Cream of Tartar with a ¼ cup of warm water. Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach for 5 days and it will improve bile flow, the emulsifying agent that breaks down cholesterol, and can reduce gallbladder pain. But wait there's more!!

Nicotine withdrawal: Even after you quit smoking or using other forms of tobacco, studies show it generally takes another three months for your brain chemistry to return to pre-smoking status. Wow!!! No wonder it’s so difficult for people to quit! Surprise! Enter Cream of Tartar. This amazing substance can actually help neutralize and eliminate nicotine from the body, including people that are exposed to second-hand smoke. Bonus: Because it helps to release nicotine from the body, the cravings will dissipate faster so that tobacco habit can finally become a thing of the past! The remedy is so simple: add a ½ teaspoon of Cream of Tartar to a half glass of fresh-squeezed organic orange juice, and drink before bed. Repeat for 30 days for the highest level of success!

Pretty amazing stuff, right??? So one last thought… It’s important to be sure that the Cream of Tartar that you are buying and using is non-gmo and non-irradiated. Wine grapes, the beginning stage of Cream of Tartar, have a reputation of being radically fumigated to eliminate critters and pests, but for the purpose of cleansing our blood stream and promoting health, it is essential that we avoid all pesticides, insecticides and fungicides! This Frontier Co-op product is what I use, and it’s what I recommend until I find something better! You should be able to find it locally, but if not, I have added it to our Living Well Life Amazon storefront for your convenience!

Please let me know if you have ever used Cream of Tartar medicinally, or if you have other fantastic stories to share about this powerful powder! Your experiences can be life-changing for others, and I love reading the wisdom from our Living Well women!


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These Rose-colored Glasses


I was recently at a park, sitting outside on a glorious afternoon, sipping on some lemon tea, enjoying a peaceful time making notes about a new project that I am working on, and two women came along. They sat down nearby, and began complaining about their lives, their husbands, their children, their jobs, their other friends, their homes. They seemed to feed off of each other, appearing to outdo the last comment with something even worse in their own life. It made me sad.

I tried to refocus my attention. I tried to put myself in their shoes. I tried making excuses for their negativity in my head. But in the end, I just left.

I left, and I started thinking. 

As one of God’s servants, what do people hear from my lips? Do I glorify His Kingdom when I am unaware that people are listening? Do I speak positivity into the lives of those I love and cherish?

I will admit it. I am a girl that typically sees the world through rose-colored glasses. I adored my father-in-law, but he would chastise and tease me for being too happy - he claimed that it would only end up disappointing me in the end and he didn’t want me to get hurt. He was the first to tell me that he was not a pessimistic person, he was a realist. I hugged him anyways, knowing that we were different and that was okay. 

He is not alone in his attitude. There are many that think they are preserving themselves by being realists. And maybe that’s true, but then are they truly living?? Are they capable of taking risks, and exploring life and opportunities?? Fear smothers the future, and steals the present. 

I believe that “realism” is pessimism. It makes my spirit bristle when I hear people being negative. God is not negative - He created hope, and faith in the things we can’t see. He knows the depth and desires of my heart, and if it aligns with His Will, He will bless it. I choose to honor and believe those hope-filled words that He shares with us, but I realize that it is not easy to see that light sometimes. 

With the level of chaos and confusion in this world today, it has become more and more difficult to navigate life with an uplifted attitude, but you can start that shift in your personal world. Changing the way you act, respond and process will help change your life. We need to encourage more, and criticize less. We need to see the glorious leaves rather than the raking that needs to be done. We need to watch the children play without seeing the dirt on their faces. There is good and bad in everything, and it is truly about where you direct your attention. It’s our perspective that creates our reality. 

I found an article about negativity a while back and was fascinated by it. I love to systematize and categorize everything, so I appreciated the breakdown on this subject. The article discussed how complaining rewires your brain for negativity based on these three types of complainers:

1. Venters: this is a dissatisfied person who is not interested in hearing any solutions to help them
2. Sympathy seekers: they believe they’ve got it worse than everyone else and look for others to comfort them
3. Chronic complainers: these people live in a constant state of complaint, complaining about the same thing over and over, and finding new things to complain about whenever necessary, blamers fall into this category. Those that can not <or will not> accept responsibility for their choices and their actions.

The article went on to explain that whenever we complain, thousands of neurons are triggered and form a neural network. The mind then finds it easier to follow this established network when reacting to everyday life. WHOA! Did you get that???? The more we complain, the more there is to complain about! So if we are looking to create a brighter perspective, it’s essential that we catch ourselves before we begin to complain, whine or lament, so that the negativity network short circuits and collapses, and we can establish a new thought life, one beautiful moment at a time!

1. Be grateful, it doesn’t matter what you’re grateful for, it can be anything. Write a list of 5 things per day - journal it, so that you can go back and watch your own progress. Practice this to create a brand new network for pleasant feelings and start to live a happier life.
2. I recently learned from Sonia Choquette about one of our superpowers: imagination. It's simple. Pretend you are one of Leonardo DaVinci’s students. They were required to say no less than 100 “I wonder” statements that would activate their imagination, and create an abundance of gratitude for the world and the people in it. For example, “I wonder why the sky is blue.” “I wonder why flowers don’t all smell the same.” “ I wonder how many colors there are in the universe.” You get the idea. This is also something that can be added to the dinner conversation, or when you are out with friends.
3. Rise with the day, and say out loud, ‘I choose to see the good, and talk about what’s best.”
4. Keep the TV off, and avoid the news. Trust me when I say that if there’s something vitally important for you to know about - you will know about it, but you don’t need to listen to the same sad, scary, fearful, horrific news reports over and over again. 
5. Schedule a Living Well Transformation Session with one of our specialists to identify and release trapped negative emotions, and establish positive core beliefs!

And, in case of emergencies, find some rose-colored glasses!

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If it's killing them, it's killing you!

IMG_9722 2.PNG

Want to know how to recognize your toxin-free neighbors? 

These beautiful yellow flowers! The ones that society thinks are a nuisance that punctuate our green lawns with a brilliant burst of sunshine!! 

It’s funny, well not funny, but eye-opening about marketing and how big business has swayed our opinion of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable! We see it everywhere, but in this case, our choices can mean life or death. 

Here’s the thing: If it’s killing weeds, then its killing you. Glyphosates, the active ingredient in Round-up, shows up on my client’s Zyto reports, 9 times out of 10, usually along with a burdened liver, and other health concerns. It becomes the perfect opportunity to share new information. Unless you are as fortunate as I am - and grew up with a mom, who started an organic lawn care company almost 30 years ago - someone WAY ahead of her time, then most people don’t realize the detrimental effect that these chemicals have on our health and our lives.

“Eh, it can’t be that bad”… well, that’s exactly what Monsanto would like you to believe, and they have the money to influence what you see and what you read.

So how bad is it?? Horrific congenital birth defects or miscarriage, high rates of all cancers, autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, MS, liver disease are all some of the devastating health problems that are reported due to exposure, even in small amounts.

And there’s this too… the chemical companies only have to test for the “active” ingredient, but the ones that are deemed inert, the secret ones, do NOT have to be tested OR identified! These inert ingredients are the ones that bring that poison into the cells of the plants. They are designed to penetrate quickly and effectively to kill those things that it contacts. 100 MILLION pounds of this poison saturate our lawns and our farms each and every year! Breathing this, walking on this, and eating the foods that have been sprayed with this are not only destroying our planet, but it’s compromising our lives, our children’s lives and our pets' lives! So, how can we escape it??

  1. Make the personal choice to STOP using chemicals in your yard and garden, and encourage your neighbors to do the same! Create a toxin-fee zone! 
  2. Eat organic, non-GMO foods, including meats and eggs. Remember, if the animal eats poison, then you are consuming second hand poison. Some researchers say the concentration of these chemicals in the meat is worse than being exposed to it on fruits and vegetables! So be picky!! 
  3. Keep learning more, and sharing what you learn with those around you! Nurture the earth and nurture a healthy life!
  4. If you know someone that could benefit from this information, invite them to our Living Well Life group:, or share the blog post with the ones you care about most!  

Let’s embrace the dandelion and make this year’s Earth Day the best one ever!! 



Q: Is it okay to use Truvia as a sweetener?

A: Absolutely NOT. (But only if eliminating toxins from your life is a high priority.)

Truvia is stevia “extract”, also known as rebiana, mixed with erythritol, a sugar alcohol, and the dreaded “natural flavors”. Erythritol has mixed reviews as a sweetener, but I have clients that have reactions that include stomach pains, and bloating, so whenever possible, I encourage people to avoid it. “Natural flavors” is the disguise used for soooooo many chemical additives including MSG, which is a known neurotoxin, responsible for headaches, mood changes, dizziness and ringing in the ears.... just a few of the negative side effects from ingesting it. 

If you are looking for a toxin-free sweetener, we recommend local honey and Sweet Leaf organic stevia to our clients that want to do better!



A Piece of the Health Care Puzzle


A Piece of the Health Care Puzzle

What originally drew me into chiropractic was knowing that I would be able to help many people. Particularly, the people who had been written off by other industries. I remember very distinctly when I started school that I couldn't wait for my first miracle case as a practicing doctor. 

Everyday people defy odds. Their stories of perseverance and willingness to take charge of their health inspire others to do the same. These individuals go on living despite the 6 months to go prognosis and not only do they go on living but they typically find a renewed purpose and end up doing amazing things with their life. I guess that's what happens once you know what it is like to operate with no guarantee for tomorrow.  

A nice perk to being a chiropractor is that we get to see this rare type of person on a routine basis. A not-so-nice anti-perk to being a chiropractor is knowing how many potential "rare" people are suffering because they don't know you exist to help them. 

Once I graduated and began actual patient care I'd sporadically get to help someone with multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinson's, Meniere's Disease or epilepsy. And they'd get better. Inevitably, I'd get all amped up and go running to the neurologists in the area to tell them about my theories as to why I thought these kids were getting better after having uncontrollable seizures. 

40% of those with epilepsy have uncontrolled seizures even with prescription meds and often dangerous and debilitating surgery is the next step. Even knowing the statistics, not one referral ever came from any of the neurologists. 

The patients I'd see with neurological disorders were the ones who performed their own research and came to see us. Or they were a friend of a friend of someone we had helped. 

Once I adjusted a kid who had nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting). He was almost a teenager and when he came to see us he had back pain. The parents never even told us he wet the bed (which by the way is typically a neurological condition that can be helped without drugging your child and should get no ridicule from anyone about the issue). Anyways, they came from over an hour and a half away and did so quite consistently until we got his structure stabilized. One day the mom pulls me out into the hallway to ask if this could help with bed wetting. As a result of one kid's back pain, our office has almost single-handedly wiped out nocturnal enuresis for an entire Midwestern farming community as the referrals came flooding in with children who wet the bed. 

Where was the excitement out of the foundations and support groups for epilepsy & MS? Why do none of the websites have upper cervical care listed as a possible "alternative treatment"? Why are people told that drastic surgical procedures are their only hope when medication fails? 

About two days ago during a new patient consultation a lady says to me,

"my doctor warned me not to see you because you aren't a real doctor."

There are a host of reasons as to why this type of rhetoric is so prevalent and I will discuss these in detail in our upcoming podcasts and blog posts. None the less, I was impressed that I didn't get pissed-off by taking it personally. I think I laughed in earnest.  It was either that or get incredibly sad knowing enough people with power & influence still agree with her "real" doctor, not to my detriment- but to the people out there with neurological disorders. Especially to the people who aren't responding to one industry's treatment and therefore told there is no hope. 

I am by no means saying we have all the answers. On the contrary, I am willing to admit we do not (unlike some). But here is what I do know- The human body has far more potential to heal when it has a spine that allows for unimpeded nerve, blood, lymphatic and spinal fluid flow. The quicker people realize this the better chance they have to heal if they are unwell. 

By treating only the misaligned spine we often see some incredible results.  We also add in a little "real" doctoring where we spend time getting to know our patients and help them in other areas that could be holding them back from achieving their full potential. 

If you're reading this and you're one of the people with little to no hope and you haven't explored the treatment of subluxation, then I would highly recommend it. Know that the goal is not simply to get rid of 'XYZ' disease, but to get truly healthy and that requires more than the effort of any one doctor. It requires your commitment to improving all areas of your well-being, including the spine that houses your central nervous system, a rather large and enigmatic missing piece of the health care puzzle.

-In Health, 

Dr. Andrew R. Burns 




Actions & Consequences: 5 steps to a living well body


Actions & Consequences: 5 steps to a living well body

One of the biggest health challenges that we face as a nation is chronic inflammation throughout the body. Each one of us manifests those challenges in different ways, but MANY times the underlying cause of the dis-ease is inflammation due to bio-burden, and lifestyle choices.

The pathology of inflammation is complex. But let’s examine it simply.

Think about what happens when you get a bruise, or twist your ankle, or get a cold. The body instantaneously releases extra fluid and blood to oxygenate the tissue to support the affected area, and the immune system sends it’s fighter cells to ward off infection. This is an important and necessary part of healing. You can see the swelling, you can feel the discomfort and you realize exactly what’s happening to your body. It doesn’t feel good, but you understand it, and it’s temporary.

The challenge arises when this inflammatory condition becomes lingering and persistent AND internal. You begin having unexplained aches and pains, upset stomach, diarrhea, headaches, blood sugar imbalance, irregular heart function, and you become concerned - rightly so. Internal tissue becomes inflamed due to the same physiological response as a bruised shin. The difference is that we don’t see the damage, and it’s usually not due to a physical injury.

This modern epidemic of chronic, low-grade inflammation destroys the balance in the body and the tools that are typically used become ineffective in combating the inflammation, and disease and aging are manifested. This process is implicated in a multitude of health issues, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Grave’s and Hashimoto disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Type II diabetes, many other autoimmune disease, hormone disruption, cardiovascular malfunction, susceptibility to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, among so many others.

The GOOD news is that if we change our lifestyle choices, then we change the outcome. It’s a matter of actions and consequences - a simple concept that we used as foundational training for the girls as they were growing up. It created an environment where Terry and I weren’t the bad guys - we were simply the enforcers of the rules. If you choose to be selfish, then a time-out is the result. If you choose to sneak out of the house at midnight, then the result is 3 months without a car, phone or privileges. (Yes, this happened!) :) It’s the same with our health choices. If we choose to eat that Whopper, then acid reflux, insulin resistance, clogged arteries, and greasy skin are the result. If we choose to eat that baby kale salad with olive oil-roasted beets, carrots and onions, seasoned with rosemary and thyme, and served with a handful of walnuts and wild blueberries, then the result is sustained energy, soft, clear skin, better eye sight, an immune boost, and a restorative night’s sleep.

We need to be proactive and make educated choices, so the body can reduce inflammation, reverse the disease process, and revitalize function throughout the entire system. This concept can be your reality. Here’s how.

5 Vitalizing Steps to combat chronic inflammation, disease, and discomfort, AND reduce the signs of aging:

1. Avoid trigger foods such as sugar, soy, all GMO grains including wheat, corn, oats, etc, commercial dairy, all packaged foods, and other specific items that have caused known allergic reactions in your family. For some people, eating peanuts will trigger a headache, so avoid those foods that you know don’t make you feel well.

2. Establish a new beauty routine with toxin-free products such as Crunchi, and Balm skincare, or HollyBeth Organics to eliminate endocrine imbalance which can produce reproductive inflammation - like polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and exacerbate menopausal symptoms.

3. Eliminate toxicity throughout your home with safe swaps. Email for a comprehensive master list of better choices called “The Living Well List of Toxin-free Alternatives”. AND minimize chemical exposure by purchasing only organic fruits, vegetables and foods.

4. Create a balanced physical, emotional and spiritual environment - stress of all types creates inflammation as your adrenal glands send extra cortisol and epinephrine to combat the perceived (or real) threat to the body. These next steps will help to reduce that biofilm: Prioritize your nervous system care plan for restorative results, move more - park a little further, and take the stairs if possible, nurture live plants in your home to naturally clean the air, maintain a schedule to identify and release trapped emotions with a body code specialist, and stay connected with the Creator through His Word, prayer, and up-lifting music in your home and automobile.

5. Eat foods daily that help to reduce inflammation, like several cups of leafy greens, 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric in your Veg-E Pro smoothie, 1/2 cup wild Maine blueberries, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, olive oil, sweet potatoes, 1/4 cup organic walnuts, and 3 cups of Fresh Ginger Root Tea using the recipe below.



I use this special recipe integrated into most of the personalized protocols and dietary guidelines that we create for our clients. They experience excellent improvement with consistent use. This also becomes a base for combining other energy-tested herbs, like red clover, milk thistle, or rose hips to further enhance the healing response.


1 large (size of your hand) piece of organic ginger root, peeled

4 quarts of filtered water

Local honey


Cut the ginger root into 1/4 inch slices and add to a pot with 4 quarts of water. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat off and let it steep for 30 minutes. You can have your first cup at this point. Strain some of the liquid, add up to two tablespoons of honey (less if you can) and sip on it for 15 minutes or so. Store the remaining tea in a glass container with the gingerroot pieces in it. Refrigerate. Drink at least 3 cups per day for the most benefit.

I encourage you to put these 5 Vitalizing Steps to work for you today, and watch your system transform into a balanced, functional and living well body!