Textbook Altering Link Between Immune System & Brain


Textbook Altering Link Between Immune System & Brain

Prior to 2015 the medical community had zero workable knowledge of lymphatic drainage from the central nervous system. In theory, it was thought to exist and function in some capacity but no physical structure was ever found. In the words of one of the researchers from the University of Virginia who was a part of this amazing discovery, Dr. Jonathan Kipnis stated,

“I really did not believe there are structures in the body that we are not aware of. I thought the body was mapped…and that these discoveries ended somewhere around the middle of the last century. But apparently they have not.”

The structures the researchers had discovered are tiny vessels that reside in the meninges. These structures line the dural sinuses and transport immune cells to and from the central nervous system. The full text for the study can be found following this link.

This discovery should have profound effects on how neurological conditions are treated, particularly those characterized by a neuro-inflammatory response. Whether it is the build-up of proteins in the brain with conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease (amyloid plaques) or Huntington’s Disease (huntingtin protein), or the waxing and waning response of multiple sclerosis, the mechanistic relationship adjoining the brain and immune system cannot be ignored.

As upper cervical chiropractors, we have a responsibility to our patients to make sure we are optimizing the bony structure that surrounds the brainstem. One study performed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association found that secondary venous drainage from the skull was reduced in people suffering from migraine headaches and subsequently relieved symptomatically through the NUCCA correction process but also there was a greater percentage of venous blood flow from the skull post adjustment.

Another study that is currently still in the works is finding a plethora of evidence involving a stagnation of the cerebral spinal fluid and its inability to properly circulate around the brain and spinal cord due to a herniation of the cerebellum through the hole in the bottom of the skull that transmits the brainstem. (This often misdiagnosed as most MRI units view the structures in non-weight baring positions.) This has the effect of placing a cork in the opening of a bottle. Pressure can then build up inside the cranium and around the meninges that surround the brain and spinal cord. When restoration of the bony structure occurs through a specific correction to the misalignments between the skull and the top two vertebrae, the fluid can then begin circulating in a more normal pattern. When this occurs long term, neural tissue has displayed a remarkable ability to heal.

If venous drainage and cerebral spinal fluid can be altered to the extent that it causes disease based on the misalignment of spinal bones, it stands to reason that the same can be said of the proteins that build up in the brain with certain conditions. By restoring normal spinal biomechanics along with dietary changes to reduce systemic inflammation, a conservative approach to some of these conditions could drastically alter the outcome for many people suffering from neurological conditions. For those already under long term management for such conditions, co-managing with upper cervical providers could prove to be an essential missing piece of the puzzle in the patient’s journey back to health.

-In Health,

Dr. Andrew R. Burns



The 26 Second Rule

Educate and celebrate! Here's another amazing "did you know"...

75% of estrogen for women and 50% of adults testosterone for the body is made where?
Not in the ovaries and testes?....NO
Not in the liver or brain?....NOPE
Then where?

The skin! Oh, and nearly 100% of post-menopausal estrogen is made in the skin. The skin IS an endocrine (hormonal) organ. Not a gland like the liver or pancreas, but a full-on endocrine organ, and the biggest one we have. The skin makes hormones for the body including IGF-1, Thyroid, Human Growth Hormone, and many neurotransmitters, but it also has its own feedback loop that controls our hormone function.

What you put on your skin goes through this hormone factory and feedback loop. 60-95% of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. And the absorption rate on the face and scalp is 5-10 times higher! Cosmetics today have no regulations and most contain these hormone and endocrine disruptors that are covertly sabotaging your health and well-being. We see it all the time in girls starting their periods younger and younger, and women becoming prematurely menopausal! 

Overwhelmed by that information and need to know where to start?? I'll be posting a good, better, best "getting started" guide soon, so you can have A Living Well Life! 



Age in Days

I recently started following someone on Instagram that was counting her age in days. I was fascinated by the concept, and enlightened. Truly, each day is significant, but we tend to fly through them, getting by without much thought to the minutes.

Reading about this inspired me to know exactly how many days I had lived, so I jumped on and googled an age-in-days calculator and quickly entered my information. It ASTONISHED me: 19,440! Whoa! I started asking God’s forgiveness f...or falling short in appreciating each and every one of those 24 hour gifts. What had I missed thinking there was always tomorrow? What did I take for granted? What Kingdom assignments had I failed to see… or had seen, but hadn’t accepted? What blessings did I miss along the way? I needed to refine my thinking. I needed to expand my willingness to grow. I needed to find peace in facing my fears. Life is so much bigger than I am, and that number - 19,440 - has changed me.

It has made waking up in the morning more meaningful. My new favorite question..."So what's on our agenda today, God?" foremost in my mind. I feel ready to make an impact…. to use the gifts and talents that He has given me to their fullest potential… to not waste a single moment. I realized that making good, better, best decisions daily will lead to a year full of Kingdom service, fulfilling relationships, accomplishments in business, and self-care improvements. To truly bring to life and embrace one of my favorite verses… “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”, so that when I look back, I will have solace knowing that I had served faithfully without limits and without fear in the capacity that I was created.

This is the calculator that I used to find out this valuable information: http://jalu.ch/coding/days/en. So, what’s your age in days???



Beautiful, Black Magic

Whole Foods Market is a wonderland for me! 

While we were away this weekend, we stopped into the Rochester, Michigan location to pick up some party supplies, and while we were there, I couldn’t stop myself from exploring the produce department. Ahhh, all those beautiful bins of fresh fruits and vegetables are like candy to me! :)

I was admiring each and every one of them, and then as if a shaft of light came down from above, I spotted the black radishes. This is a vegetable that has such amazing therapeutic value, and I’d only ever experienced it encapsulated in our Standard Process products! But here they were in real life. Some people may pass them by as being unattractive, and possibly a little scary looking, but knowing the benefits makes them gorgeous to me!

When we recommend Black Radish in the office it is typically used for liver detoxification. The liver is critical for regulating cholesterol. It manages the purification of your blood. It is responsible for eliminating excess hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline, and estrogen from the body. It has over 600 functions, so we need to love our livers, feed them and nurture them so that they can do their job for a very long time.

Detoxification of the liver allows all of the necessary B vitamins, C, and zinc to support the skin to bring back a youthful glow, and to heal scarring or stretch marks. Keep in mind that the health of the skin includes the scalp, so if the scalp is healthy, there will be less hair loss, and hair growth will be at its optimum. 

Black radish is also essential in balancing the thyroid. Down-regulating it if it’s hyperactive as in Graves disease or Hashimoto’s disease, or up-regulating if it's hypo-active. 

So if you see these remarkable Black Radishes, better known as “Black Magic”, buy them… juice them…. eat them on a salad, and let them to rapidly restore and rebalance your entire body, top to bottom, inside and out!

[And if you don't see them fresh, or prefer not to eat them, let me know and we can get you hooked up with some organic Standard Process Spanish Black Radish capsules that will assist your body in all the ways that are listed above.]

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My Chiropractic Superhero

Headaches are horribly annoying. They rob us of being in the moment, they create a distraction to our creativity and isolate us from joy.

When I was in my early 20’s before meeting my superhero husband-to-be, I lived on excedrin. I started my day with 3-4 tablets and carried the bottle with me to take again later. I assumed this condition was something I had to live with and the drugs were the only way to manage the pain. 

Until I met Terry. It was shocking to him that 1) I had such frequent headaches, 2) that I hadn’t searched for a solution to the underlying problem, and 3) that I would continually pollute my liver with a constant stream of drugs. But I didn’t know there was another way… a better way. 

AFTER ONE ADJUSTMENT, the headaches were GONE. I had been misaligned for so long that I assumed this was normal. It wasn’t normal. After this structural correction, my body was so so happy to be balanced and living well. I no longer needed to take excedrin, and was able to function clearly. I noticed other things too:

My monthly cycle was smoother emotionally and less painful.

My energy level was lifted. 

I was no longer constipated.

My metabolism increased and I lost weight. 

I was more productive because I was no longer in pain. 

My creativity returned.

And I felt truly joyful as I was able to connect fully to my Creator. 

It has been so long since I’ve experienced a headache that I began taking it for granted. I maintain a chiropractic care plan to help avoid any setbacks in my health, but yesterday afternoon, I started feeling discomfort over my left eye into my temple. We were headed out to meet our daughters and their families for dinner and I hoped it would just go away, and that I would be fine, but as the evening continued, it got worse and worse until I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes because of the setting sun, and the intense pain. 

Enter that same superhero man who offered to carry me to the adjusting table… “Come on, lets get you checked and adjusted.” He palpated my neck and discovered muscle contraction and tension knowing that the vertebrae were locked up. This was the contributing factor to the head pain. He gently and systematically corrected the subluxation and within the hour, I was pain-free, able to sleep soundly waking up fresh and revived and ready to serve God’s Kingdom in the way that I was created. 

Headaches are not normal. If you suffer from them, I empathize. When you are ready, we have a structural Living Well solution that will change your life!



Know Your Code... Getting from good to better to best...

When I became pregnant with Lily in 1989, our midwives introduced us to a whole new world of nutrition. We were in Iowa at the time for Terry to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, so I understood the concepts of a well-aligned spine and an optimally functioning nervous system in relationship to true health and well-being, but their knowledge of herbal medicine influenced my view of Creation in a profound way.

To be one of their clients, they had supplementation requirements to help ensure the health of the mom and the baby and to provide the foundation for a successful outcome during their home-birth delivery. It was overwhelming in the beginning, but then I discovered how much I loved learning about all the different plants, herbs and combinations of roots and leaves and flowers. After baby Caitlin went to sleep at night, I spent long hours pouring over herbal medicine books, ancient remedy guides, and homeopathic journals. I was overwhelmed that God provided everything that we needed to help balance our bodies and restore function in things all around us! I looked at dandelions in a whole new way! Thousands and thousands of them pop up every year, and the root is a strong liver detoxifier! We live in a toxic world, yet these dandelions thrive and they can help us thrive too! Brilliant! Red raspberry leaf tea to tone the uterine muscle all during pregnancy to get it ready for it’s ultimate purpose of birthing a baby. Brilliant! Alfalfa to elevate and maintain iron levels for the mom and the baby! Healthy alfalfa roots can grow to a depth of 30 feet, which gives that plant access to rare trace minerals that travel up the plant, and then when it is harvested, we enjoy the benefits of vitamins A,D,E,K, full spectrum of B vitamins, biotin, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron! Brilliant! 

I was amazed by the diversity, I was amazed by His bounty, and I just kept learning. As I read more, I realized how fantastic that this herb, or that plant, or those fruits were and I thought I needed to be taking/eating/drinking anything and everything that was related to what I was thinking or feeling. Whoa, overload! And then Terry graduated and we moved to Ohio where he joined another doctor in practice. And I still wanted to learn more.

Corrective spinal care was, and still is, the foundation of our health care,  and these herbal tinctures and potions support the body’s built-in ability to heal and restore itself once the nervous system is balanced. But it continued to be overwhelming trying to sort through what was required during different health challenges that our young family experienced. Lots of trial and error, lots of money spent on all sorts of products that looked good, sounded good and that were recommended to us.

And then in 1991, just when God knew that I was ready, He introduced me to energy testing…. a way to use the body’s electrical system to reveal what is most highly beneficial… physically, emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally. I was amazed, thrilled, blessed, and grateful to finally have a tool that could pinpoint the very best products for each of us at any given time according to our needs. I began energy testing for everything! Everything! Food, supplements, body care, cosmetics… It saved us money, time, and aggravation, and eliminated soooo many bottles, tubes, jars, and bags of things that were unnecessary.

At that time, I thought the only way to energy test was to check a particular person for what they needed, and have other people check me for what I needed. So for decades we went about testing that way, and it was extremely helpful. I tested people at our office for the supplements that they currently used, or that they needed to add and implement. I loved knowing that people were leaving the office with exactly what they needed, nothing more, nothing less. But what about those times when I’m at the store by myself trying to decide between 4 different items? Or when we were traveling and the girls needed something for their cramps, or a cold... or which food was best for my white dove, Oliver? It was a quandary.

AND THEN 3 years ago, energy testing got even better, and more useful, and more helpful to even MORE people. I learned how to energy test myself for the items that were most important to me…. AND to connect and energy test others as their proxy, in person or remotely from a distance. This is an incredibly powerful tool and a mighty and valuable gift from the Holy Spirit! It’s a way to uncover what our subconscious deems as most highly beneficial for each of us without guessing, or estimating, or assuming. We have been energy testing others this way for several years related to their emotional needs, identifying and releasing the negative emotions that are stuck creating imbalances in their system. We continue to be amazed at the results of that healing work.

Now, we want to help others determine their precise nutritional needs with this same type of proxy testing. There is no need to leave your home or office. Your notes are sent to you directly by email, evaluating the products that you have been using, and including an access code to order any supplements that may be recommended which are then shipped right to your door. Save time, money, and energy by setting up a “Your Nutrition Code” appointment today. Click here to learn more: www.yournutritioncode.com. Or email us at knowyourcode@yournutritioncode.com.




I felt like I was in the music video for Jonny Diaz’s song called Breathe this morning. My brain was running a million miles an hour before my feet touched the floor. And I felt behind schedule rushing out the door, so I skipped whipping up one of my usual fresh fruit and vegetable drinks! I know I need the continued support for healthy skin internally and externally, so I maintain a supplement schedule that includes 3 Regeneplex per day. When I’ve missed my part, the preparing part, I simply take 3 additional capsules! It’s an easy way to stay consistent and give my skin the support it deserves. I feel great taking it because it’s a clinically studied systemic skin health product that works from the inside out. By combining key ingredients from whole foods with complementary ingredients, this formula synergistically supports my body’s natural tissue-healing processes associated with the normal effects of aging. Something that fresh vegetable juice and a clean diet can do, but this fills in the gaps when I have been neglectful. Benefits of Regeneplex include:
1) Targeting all three layers of skin. Supporting the circulatory AND digestive systems, AND cellular structure and functions!
2) Provides a supportive nutritional foundation for healthy skin!
3) Supports skin elasticity and appearance while helping address fine lines around the eyes. Clinically and anecdotally proven!
4) High in antioxidant vitamin C (ANTI-RUST function)

I definitely prefer to eat my vitamins and minerals but when I can’t (or haven’t), I love knowing that I have a back-up plan for balanced health and slower aging!

Living Well Spine Center proudly retails Standard Process products. We research and investigate options for our office and have determined that Standard Process is the best supplementation support for our patients, our staff and ourselves! Let us know if we can help develop a personalized nutritional protocol just for you!




What a beautiful day to be alive! I received some life-changing products yesterday and I am excited to share my story with you.

I have always been a make-up girl! When I was a teenager, I used it to hide behind… to provide a mask to my insecurities. I experimented with many types…. drugstore varieties and the more expensive department store brands. I had typical breakouts, and was highly allergic to acne medication, so I constantly wore layers of make-up and concealer to cover up the redness and the blemishes. It was a vicious and sometimes ugly cycle. After college, I worked for Clinique as an account rep for a couple of years before Terry and I were married. I would travel to the Lazarus stores in the Columbus area, and train counter girls and customers on skincare and make-up application. I LOVED helping other women feel prettier and more confident, and at that time, Clinique had a pure reputation amongst it's competitors, so I loved knowing they were actually caring for their skin too. After I left Clinique, and we moved to Iowa, I continued to use it myself. I believed in the products, and resonated with their cosmetic philosophy. As I got older and we had our own girls, I used makeup to provide much needed personal time as I prepared myself for our very full days together, but had started to become a label-interpreter and began to realize the impurity of those ingredients. I used fewer products than I had previously, but still felt put-together and ready to face the world even if that world was piles of laundry and homeschool work done in our basement. :)  And now in an effort to love my “mature” skin, and continue to simplify my life, I use it as a protectant against the elements and to polish my appearance. Just 4 products: foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. Less is definitely more at this point in my life.

I selected the best of what I had to choose from, even though I knew in my heart that it was not for my highest benefit, and multiplied my efforts doing all the good things that we knew to do… feeding my skin from the inside out… focusing on the healing powers of the food that God created! Like this delightful drink to counteract the environmental toxicities that we endure each day:  

Cleopatra’s Elixir:

I call it this, because legend has it that the magnificent Cleopatra used Fresh Aloe on her skin daily to increase her beauty and radiance, and ate it to prevent aging! This is what is in my body: 

4 stalks of organic celery

2 cups of organic cilantro

2 organic oranges peeled

2” piece of fresh aloe vera, peeled

2” piece of organic fresh ginger root, peeled, and sliced

Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender, or Vitamix, with 1 cup of pure water until smooth. Drink within 30 minutes of preparing it.

Benefits include, smoother skin, high energy, reduced inflammation (under eye issues) and stress, immune-boosting, weight loss, liver and gallbladder detoxification, elimination of joint pain, balanced blood sugar, elevated brain function, high in electrolytes, and increased cellular hydration (think plumper skin cells!) Plus it’s delicious! 

As we became more knowledgable about our health, and the toxic environment that we live in, the trickier it was to find clean skin care products and cosmetics that performed in a way that I was accustomed to. Good coverage, long lasting, non-oily, natural colors. I always felt like I was compromising… UNTIL LAST MONTH, when Lily happened upon a brand-new cosmetic company that was everything we had been waiting for!  

Finally some congruency in my cosmetics. This is what is on my body:

Foundation 03: Water, Caprylic Triglyceride, Aloe Leaf Juice* [cleopatra's anti-aging magic], Glyceryl Caprylate, Dimethicone [skin protectant], Silica, Stearic Acid, Mica, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Rice Powder, Glyceryl Stearate, Tocopherol [Vitamin E • Non-GMO], Rose hip Oil* [most bioidentical, bioavailable source of vitamin C], Vitamin C [anti-inflammtory], Oregano Leaf Extract* [natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal agent], Thyme Extract* [anti-viral], Olive Leaf Extract* [anti-inflammatory and anti-aging], Rosemary Leaf Extract* [anti-bacterial], Lavender Flower Extract* [disinfectant and soothing}, Goldenseal Root Extract* [powerful astringent}, Vanilla Fruit Extract [sweet smelling aphrodisiac]

A recipe that I could practically make in my kitchen! They feel fantastic, last all day, and are gloriously “clean” and toxin-free!! 

As we continue to live our lives to the best of our ability according to God’s Divine Plan, knowing that we are making choices that are pleasing to Him, caring for these bodies that are on loan to us, and helping others live their best lives, we have found a purposeful path! There's plenty of room for those seeking the same!

Looking to elevate your health inside and out?? We can help with these three options:

1) Join us on March 23, 2017 from 7-8 for a Living Well Beautifully workshop where we will share the products, color match for those interested in toxin-free foundation, energy test your own products to see what's most beneficial for you, and enjoy food and drink and social time!

2) Check the website: www.crunchi.com/lisamccoskey. Explore and shop to your pure heart's content!

3) Check out the web-site and also join us for the Beautifully workshop on March 23. We would love to chat with everyone and share thoughts and ideas and questions. 

If you'd like to attend our special event, please RSVP by emailing lisa@livingwellspinecenter.com


[Side note: For those of you who understand the value of energy testing, these are the only products that I have ever tested strong for and I am thrilled about it!]




Cashew Cream with Wild Blueberries and Toasted Flake Coconut

I love to cook and prepare food, but more than anything I love to serve and nourish people. Our family is certainly not perfect when it comes to nutrition, but we excel at making health a priority. We are continually learning about new ways of eating, combining foods, and maximizing those nutrient dense foods in our daily lives. This is one of those recipes that is delicious and makes me feel happy and fulfilled serving it to the ones I love most!

These nourish bowls are layered with cashew cream… made from raw organic cashews, organic medjool dates, vanilla bean paste, and Colima sea salt. Cashews are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are rich in protein, have more magnesium than almonds, and are full of heart healthy essential fat. They are also high in selenium which functions as a co-factor for antioxidant enzymes such as Glutathione, known to many as a “fountain of youth” agent. And Zinc which is a micronutrient that regulates growth and development, digestion, and DNA synthesis. Medjool dates add sweetness to the cream, but have their own nutritional benefits such as balancing blood sugar, reducing candida overgrowth, regulating urinary issues, eliminating headaches, brain fog, and ringing in the ears, as well as, digestive disturbances. The vanilla bean paste creates little bursts of flavor… it’s known to be an aphrodisiac, but it is a storehouse of vital minerals as well. 

I like to top the cashew cream with blueberries... not just regular blueberries though. These are organic wild blueberries from the eastern coast of Canada and they should not be confused with their plump-er cultivated cousins. While both are high in antioxidants, the adaptogenic properties that are inherent in the wild variety and their innate intelligence will actually read the body, monitor stress and toxicity levels, and assess how best to nourish us. This is only possible because of the struggle that the wild plants have faced as they survive and thrive in some of the most inclement weather on the planet. The difference is like comparing farm-raised salmon to wild caught salmon, or industrial grain-fed beef to free-range grass-fed beef. These tiny berries are effective heavy metal detoxifiers, powerful brain food, potent prebiotic, and superstar healers. We should eat 1/2 cup a day for maximum benefit. Check your grocery store freezer section, and read the labels for their origin. I found these Organic Wild Blueberries at our local Trader Joe’s!

I balanced my power lunch bowl with coconut, because I love coconut. I love the deliciously sweet, larger flakes from this brand. And I like to toast them for about two minutes under the broiler before I eat them. It adds a depth of flavor that I adore. Most people are aware of the immense benefits associated with coconut oil, and coconut water. Both enhance the benefits of any other foods that they are combined with supercharging them for our well-being. The meat of the coconut is valuable as well. It is high in lauric acid and is a helpful addition when in need of an antibacterial, antiviral food. Plus it’s a medium chain fatty acid that helps break loose other fats aiding waste removal. It is also helpful in balancing our emotions, reducing inflammation, chemical sensitivities, and fatigue. Those are just added bonuses, I eat it because it’s yummy!

Here's the recipe for the cashew cream. It can be layered and topped with an endless variety of fruits, nuts and nutritional elements. And for cashew “milk” simply add additional water for a refreshing stand-alone treat.


Cashew Cream

2 cups organic raw cashews, soaked in 4 cups of pure water for 4-6 hours

4-6 whole dates, stem end removed and pitted

2 Tablespoons vanilla bean paste

1 teaspoon Colima Sea Salt

1 cup of water

Drain cashews and rinse. Place cashews in Vitamix or other high speed blender. Add 1 cup of water, the pitted dates, vanilla bean paste, and salt. Blend on high speed for 1-2 minutes, tamping as necessary, until cashews become creamy and light in color. If needed, add additional water to create the right consistency for you. Spoon into glass containers. Cover and refrigerate. Best if eaten within 4-5 days. 

Spoon out 1/2 cup of cashew cream into a bowl. Top with blueberries, and toasted coconut. Enjoy as you delight your taste buds and nourish your body!

Note: To make cashew “milk”, simply increase the water to 5 cups. Blend for 1-2 minutes. Bottle and keep refrigerated. 


So simple! Please share your creative combinations with us! We'd love to hear from you!






.We get this question often, so we hope that this blog post clarifies what muscle testing is:

Muscle Testing is another term used for kinesiology.

"Kinesiology is a holistic system of natural health care which draws on a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Techniques to assess the whole body.  It uses muscle monitoring to communicate directly with the body and assess a person's response to any stimulus.  Drawing on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine kinesiology evaluates body function through the muscle-meridian relationship and establishes connections between imbalances, prioritizes them and then determines the most effective protocol."

Simply stated, the body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grid. If anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your health and your body’s balance, your muscles, when having physical pressure applied, are unable to hold their strength. (Muscle power is directly linked to the balance of the electrical system.) In other words, if pressure is applied to an individual’s extended arm while his body’s electrical system is being adversely affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. The circuits of the electrical system are overloaded or have short-circuited, causing a weakening of that system. However, if pressure is applied while his electrical system is being positively affected, the circuits remain strong, balanced and capable of fully functioning throughout the body. The muscles will remain strong, the person will easily resist and the arm will hold its position.

This electrical-muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system. It is not mystical or magical. Muscle testing is the established method for reading the body’s balance through the electrical system at any given moment, and anyone, including children, can learn how to do it.

When working in a co-creative partnership, nature answers your yes/no questions by projecting a positive energy or a negative energy—whichever is appropriate—into the electrical circuit that you have created by your fingers especially for the kinesiology testing. The "yes" or "no" that nature projects registers in this one electrical connection and not throughout your entire electrical system. The special connection created by your fingers allows you to use the kinesiology technique without adversely impacting your electrical system or your body’s balance. Only one circuit is being used, and this circuit is artificially created by you for the testing and is not a part of the normal function of the electrical system throughout your body. The answer you are able to discern through the testing is from nature. It is not an answer that has been derived by you.

Remember the overall concept behind kinesiology... what enhances our body, mind and spirit makes us strong. Together, our body, mind and spirit create an environment that, when balanced, is strong and solid. If something enters that environment and challenges the balance, the environment is weakened. That strength or weakness first registers in the electrical system, and it can be discerned through the muscle-testing technique: kinesiology.

For more information or to schedule a nutritional assessment, or a Body Code session, please call our office, or email Lisa at Lisa@livingwellspinecenter.com.



Do-Little, Get a Lot

Have you ever wondered how your pet is really feeling, or why they are the way they are? Especially recently, as buying from a shelter instead of a breeder or pet store is becoming more popular. If there were a way to release emotional baggage from their past, would you want to know? If so, continue reading. If not, perhaps a buzzfeed quiz would be a more entertaining way to pass some time! 

No, I'm not talking about voodoo, or animal communication or other special psychic powers. The technique I'm referring to is called The Body Code, which allows us to identify and release imbalances, negative emotions and traumas that get trapped within our bodies or our pet's bodies. These trapped emotions and traumas, both physical and psychic, can manifest themselves as pain, or what we perceive to be misbehavior. The required information is gathered through muscle testing the individual by asking a series of simple questions, and relying on the ever-wondrous subconscious mind. I know, I know. Stay with me here.

I first learned about the Body Code from my mother, who has since become a licensed Body Code practitioner for people. After learning about this work and sharing her successes, she began encouraging me to take this work to the animals. If I'm being perfectly honest, I resisted it for quite some time. It wasn't that I didn't believe that animals feel emotions just as we do. In fact, my perception is that dealing with humans creates more challenges for them. Probably my biggest deterrent was the label that came along with this type of work. People would certainly think I was crazy. How would I explain all of this? What if it doesn't even work? Since I am a fairly straight-forward young woman, I admit to the craziness of it all. I can't really tell you how this works any better than how my wifi signal goes from some tower somewhere, through my home and to my phone. But something clicked for me and I decided to start practicing on my own animals. 

As I began to work, I was stunned. Stunned by the accuracy, and the intricacy of the program, it was so bizarre I couldn't make it up. After seeing the positive (and miraculous) changes in my own animals, I decided to share the service with my fellow animal lovers. I've looked back through my notes and decided to select  some stories that I've found most interesting to share with you today!


Hiccup, our 1.5 year old Great Dane pup, has always been terrified of men. We've known him since he was 8 weeks old, with no known cause for his fear. He has to warm up to any stranger, but he could barely look at a man, even after he'd met them several times. It was like starting over each time with each encounter. I began to feel bad taking him to town to socialize because it was so stressful for him, never seeming to improve. We didn't understood why, as his breeders were such kind people, and his parents were both sweet dogs, though his mom was a little timid. We wanted to find answers for Hiccup, because we saw the lovable boy he was, and new people and strangers are drawn to him even when he is resistant to their affection. I knew this wouldn't hurt him and that it was worth a try.

A few days after his first session, one of Graham's buddies came over. After about five minutes of hesitation, a switch flipped for Hiccup. He was finally able to be as friendly as he had wanted to be from the start with anyone he met. He was almost obnoxiously excited, but I took it as a positive change. I've worked on him a couple more times since then. Recently we took him for a New Year's Day family hike. He was confident and happy to see my brothers-in-law and my dad. People he would eventually warm up to, but would always greet with a big, alarmed bark, and possibly "hiding" behind me. Once we were on the trail, he was excited to meet men, women, children and other dogs. No barking, no hiding. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to see how peaceful he's becoming! 



I first met Lucy about five years ago when I was working at a farm in Springfield. My first day on the job "Uncle Dave", who worked on the farm at the time, pointed out this beautiful red mare way out in a field. "See that one way out there," he said, "She's been buckin', kickin', throwing a fit and nobody can figure her out. Why don'tcha throw a saddle on her and see what you can do." So my relationship with her began. Lucy had absolutely no interest in people, running away any time she thought she was being approached. Our friendship began to grow, though, and eventually, I bought her. My original plan was to put a few miles on her and resell her, but I soon realized that we were in this for the long haul. We'd worked so hard to build our relationship, and I couldn't bring myself to risk her feeling abandoned. In the time I've had her she's certainly progressed, but I'd always felt that I was just scratching the surface. She was always fearful and defensive, particularly in the beginning of our time together. Everything was a monster, and she was not easily convinced otherwise. When you spend time around horses and pay close enough attention, you can feel when there's something deep inside them. Something that you hope won't be revealed when you are on their back. 

In her first Body Code session, she was literally broken-hearted. Yes, that comes up in the Body Code System. I've found that a lot of animals have broken hearts, which breaks my heart. She also had an imbalance in her somatic nervous system, which controls the "fight or flight" instincts. Things started to make sense to me and I felt tuned in to her in a way that I had been searching for. In her next session, she had a psychic trauma, or a bundle of emotions, that occurred in the same event, trapped in both of her eyes. Emotions like anxiety, horror, and overwhelm, along with several others, and the event that caused this occurred at a young age. All I could imagine was that everything she saw, she saw through this traumatizing filter... this cloud of negative emotions. Like a little kid thinking that the shadow of a tree branch on the wall must be a monster. Three weeks went by since I had ridden her and during that time I was able to have several Body Code sessions with her. Our last ride had been a good one, quite positive. Nevertheless, I had gone longer without riding her than I had since I'd owned her. It was a windy, chilly day. Leaves blowing, trees swaying, horses in an adjacent field running crazy, but she was so quiet. Never a flinch, never so much as a flick of an ear at any of these things. Our next ride was equally as positive, despite a big, scary branch being down next to the arena. She certainly noticed it, but the time it took for her to figure out that it wasn't gonna kill her was minimal. And I started to think there must be something to all of this Body Code stuff.



Buddy came to the Riding Centre about a month ago, bought to be a school horse to use in lessons. Very cute, very sweet, but he had some issues. And although I've never ridden a llama, I imagined that it felt just like riding Buddy! His head would be straight up in the air most of the time. And it looked like his neck was on upside down. All the wrong muscles were developed. Nevertheless, he's a kind creature with a good attitude and a will to please, so we set up a riding schedule for him to see what we could do. During these riding sessions with him, I realized he was pretty happy and did pretty well as long as he wasn't getting pulled on, though that is true for most horses. But for Buddy is was extreme, and any pressure at all on the reins would cause him to get quick and hurried and worried and llama-like. Those qualities do not bode well for a horse whose job is to forgive students with unintentionally rough hands.

After talking with  Carolyn, the manager of The Riding Centre, about the experiences I've had with my previous body code sessions, she asked about "working my magic on Buddy", which of course I happily agreed to do. What could it hurt? 

He, too, had a broken heart. When this is identified, we begin exploring the underlying causes in order to release them, which allows the heart to mend and become re-connected. For Buddy, the main cause was a misalignment of one of his posterior neck muscles, due to a series of psychic traumas. In the rest of that session, and the two following sessions, all of the imbalances were in his spine... starting in the cervical vertebrae down through his thoracic vertebrae. Some of the culprits were excess adrenalin, psychic traumas and even physical traumas that the emotional damage had caused. No wonder his neck was in the shape that it was! I rode him after his second session and noticed a change. Suddenly I could pick up the reins without him being so bothered. To be sure I wasn't imagining things, I asked one of the girls that had ridden him when he first came to the barn to ride him again. She had a very positive ride with him as well.  After the third session, a long-time student of Carolyn's had come home for the holidays and rode him. Following her first ride on him, she claimed he was "flawless". And finally, after hearing Buddy's stories, the true test came. Carolyn wanted to ride Buddy and feel for herself the changes that others were experiencing. He was calm, steady and quite literally level-headed. 

Of course, there can always be other factors. Buddy, and the other animals I've worked with so far, would still progress without the Body Code. I do not claim to be a healer, or share this as a cure-all of anything. It is simply a means to get rid of any emotional baggage that is keeping them from being the best that they can be as quickly as possible. While I can't say it's very scientific, it is very methodical. I'm certainly excited to be sharing this work with the animal kingdom.

Until next time!






A favorite thing of mine to do on Wednesday mornings (when we typically don’t see patients) is to dive back into the research literature and today I stumbled across a gold mine for pediatric care. The study is titled, “Kinematic Imbalances Due to Suboccipital Strain in Newborns”, that was published in the Journal of Manual Medicines.

Sometimes research literature has impossibly difficult to understand titles, but this one can be broken down fairly easily.

Kinematics is motion. So here we have an imbalance in motion.

The suboccipital area is a group of muscles that begin at the base of the skull and attach into the upper neck bones or the ‘upper cervical spine’. When one of these muscles becomes strained or damaged, it alters the movement and position of the head, among many other things...

There are some basic outward signs you can look for in your own child to determine if they may be affected by this kinematic imbalance:

·         Is your child’s head consistently tilted to one side?

·         Does your child curl towards one side like a “C” when lying on their back?

·         Is there an asymmetrical muscle pattern in their glutes, face, or in the folds of their skin on their legs?

·         Once your child is old enough to stand and walk, is one shoulder lower than the other?

Who is at risk for this?

Honestly, any child who is born could be at risk for damage to this area of the body as it is widely recognized as a point of weakness for the developing fetus and newborns, however, certain things can place them at greater risk:

·         Was your child delivered by C-section?

·         Was the use of an extraction device utilized during the delivery? This could include vacuum extraction, forceps, and even manual traction to the head and neck to aid in delivery.

·         Was there multiple fetuses, as in twins, or was the child ever in a breech position?

·         Was the labor prolonged and difficult?

What can you expect to see in terms of symptoms or secondary conditions in regard to this kinematic imbalance? (This list can vary greatly and is far from being complete).

·         Chronic Ear Infections

·         Seizure activity

·         Colic

·         Bedwetting

·         Digestive issues such as reflux

·         Pathological reflexes

·         Torticollis

·         Foot deformities

·         Headaches

·         Constipation

·         Asthma

·         ADD & ADHD

·         Developmental delays

If your child or someone you know is affected by any of these conditions or is displaying outward signs of kinematic imbalance, we strongly encourage you to have them evaluated by a chiropractor who can gently correct the underlying imbalances to promote healing and development.

-In Health,

Dr. Andrew R. Burns